Multiroir offers you the possibility to select and choose the most appropriate products for your professional situation. Take advantage of the wide range of storage and transport materials for your scientific equipment.

If you need quality laboratory storage or "special laboratory" storage materials, you will certainly find what you are looking for.

With Multiroir, you will be able to buy robust and durable products at manufacturer prices. You have a wide range of choices.

If you need bins that offer you a quick and easy handling of your items, opt for the purchase of tilting bins. They are also useful for stock identification thanks to the transparent drawer.

You can also consult the range of spout bins which are equipped with a front opening to facilitate the gripping of your various articles. These bins are also very resistant to shocks.

The TBS Multidrawer series includes four models of compartmentalized drawers. They are available in different sizes and can be combined with each other.

You will also find Multiroirs crystal M5000 products that are perfectly transparent, modular and combinable according to your needs!

With Multiroir, you benefit from the know-how of a French manufacturer and its expertise in the field of storage equipment since 1957! Whatever your field of activity, you will find a product that is compatible with your daily use!

Get a good deal with Multiroir and opt for the acquisition of professional quality equipment!

By browsing the multiroir.com website, you will find many other products that may interest you.

10 references2 different box heightsFrom 5 to 54 compartmentsRemovable gridTransparent lid with locking systemStackable ...

BCM Laboratories 08/08/2022 2577

Price from 10.17€
See the 10 models
Multiroir cristal is a range of high quality transparent drawer-bins which can form high quality sets and save a lot of ...

multiroir cristal general Laboratories 08/08/2022 3928

Price from 14.20€
See the 5 models
Multiroir, manufacturer of plastic drawers, presents the new M5000 drawer. Like all the models in the Multiroir cristal ...

TD_2 Laboratories 08/08/2022 1998

Price from 33.87€
See the 2 models
Drug safe Colour white  2 sizes: 18 or 70 litres  1 removable shelf  Epoxy paint  Thickness 8...

COFTOX Laboratories 08/08/2022 1144

Price from 258.17€
See the 2 models
HDPE board made to measureMultifunctional and hygienic: does not retain food odoursMade-to-measure modelSeveral colours ...

PPEHDSM Laboratories 08/08/2022 874

Price from 166.00€
See the 16 models
LAB Box is a series of 6 professional quality plastic boxes.  Manufactured in crystal polystyrene, the LAB box is i...

BL_139 Laboratories 08/08/2022 7540

Price from 1.97€
See the 6 models
Suitable for "food contact" Waterproof Stackable...

PPCVS Laboratories 08/08/2022 1617

Price from 4.73€
See the 8 models
Ideal for low-cost packaging, the 50 micron zip-lock plastic bag is widely used in many fields: automotive, banking, har...

SZP Laboratories 06/07/2023 1572

Price from 14.94€
See the 35 models
 Crystal cases featuring pure lines and a stylish design. 5 different models available Personalisation on reque...

CC_01 Laboratories 08/08/2022 2138

Price from 9.82€
See the 5 models
Made of thick polypropylene and therefore dimensionally stable and very robustHigh stability due to reinforced frameTemp...

BEPPEL Laboratories 08/08/2022 9023

Price from 0.49€
See the 41 models
The Ecoline range comprises 4 storage bins made from 100% recycled polypropylene. These multi-purpose storage bins are e...

BDRECOLINE Laboratories 16/05/2023 1665

Price from 6.21€
See the 4 models
Multi-purpose plastic trolley
Our multi-use plastic trolley is suitable for a large number of sectors of activity, such as laboratories, industry, med...

CHA-POLY Laboratories 08/08/2022 3983

Price from 10.62€ 21.24€
See the 10 models
Euro container - ECO
The best price/quality ratio on the marketSolid bottoms and solid wallsIdeal for storage and transport of goodsStackable...

BEE Laboratories 08/08/2022 4731

Price from 2.70€ 3.86€
See the 14 models
Each plastic drawer in the SOLOBOX series is made of polypropylene and is therefore highly impact-resistant.All drawers ...

TP_7 Laboratories 08/08/2022 5100

Price from 18.67€
See the 4 models
The Multiroir attached lid containers offer optimal protection for goods and an excellent quality/price ratio Contain...

BD_14 Laboratories 08/08/2022 3157

Price from 13.37€
See the 3 models
Temperature resistant Stackable and nestable Insensitive to shocks Ergonomic handles for easy transport&n...

B_PROBOX Laboratories 08/08/2022 3195

Price from 5.51€
See the 7 models
Multiroir invites you to discover its range of plastic polypropylene storage boxes: the LIGHT BOX range. These storage ...

BD_77 Laboratories 08/08/2022 10754

Price from 2.52€
See the 16 models
Attached crocodile lid container Crocodile lid Lid made of impact-resistant plastic Can be stacked inside and on to...

BTC_2 Laboratories 08/08/2022 7197

Price from 0.26€
See the 11 models
Semi Open Fronted Containers MLT series The semi open fronted containers MLT series are stackable and their front openi...

BA_187 Laboratories 08/08/2022 6703

Price from 1.13€
See the 22 models
The monobloc stainless steel cart is manufactured with greatest care, making it of irreproachable quality. The choice of...

GIM_01 Laboratories 08/08/2022 2457

Price from 388.47€
See the 4 models
Translucent spout bins The transparent picking bins facilitate the storage and organisation of your products. Products ...

BA_01 Laboratories 08/08/2022 2499

Price from 1.32€
See the 5 models
Flat rectangular polypropylene binMade of High Density PolyethyleneStackable, nestable when emptyAvailable in whiteDimen...

BP Laboratories 08/08/2022 7550

Price from 2.15€
See the 5 models
The Multiroir TBS series proposes 4 models with a capacity ranging from 1200 cm3 to 7700 cm3.  As all Multiroir, th...

MT_3 Laboratories 08/08/2022 3736

Price from 15.54€
See the 5 models
Multiroir proposes a complete range of plastic storage trays.These trays are widely used by laboratories. Depending on t...

PS_54 Laboratories 08/08/2022 2932

Price from 3.03€
See the 20 models
The Multiroir VISION series is a range of drawer cabinets offering 10 different size models. As each drawer can be combi...

MV_4 Laboratories 08/08/2022 2900

Price from 13.05€
See the 10 models
Plastic box - UTILITY BOX
Food qualitySoft and flexible lids9 sizes (5 round and 4 square)Non-slip surface suitable for freezer and refrigeratorMa...

BPUB Laboratories 08/08/2022 1875

Price from 1.27€ 1.81€
See the 9 models
Tilt bins - MINI The mini tilt bin makes product handling quick and easy and stock identification is facilitated throug...

MB_18 Laboratories 08/08/2022 1281

Price from 14.42€
See the 1 models
Multi-purpose plastic trolley
Our multi-use plastic trolley is suitable for a large number of sectors of activity, such as laboratories, industry, med...

CMUNR-PVC Laboratories 08/08/2022 3287

Price from 8.51€ 17.01€
See the 8 models
MAXGRIND blue tablet crusher
Maxgrind, tablet crusher and grinder:Double action: crushes and grinds medicines into fine powder, effortlessly.Easy: Pe...

24320 Laboratories 08/08/2022 477

11.53€ 23.05€
Protective screens for counters
Protective screens for countersIn response to the increased demand for protection of staff in contact with customers, we...

EDP Laboratories 08/08/2022 1295

Price from 37.83€ 75.66€
See the 3 models
The front opening Multiroir tilt bin allows easy and rapid handling of the goods stored in them.  A tilt bin unit ...

BBASC_17 Laboratories 08/08/2022 3031

Price from 14.42€
See the 20 models
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