Plastic trays

Plastic trays

Boad HD500 pressed (HDPE)

Boad HD500 pressed (HDPE) Available dimensions: 20,25,30,40 and 50 mm Pressed polyethylene plate

Price from 17.25€
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Dental plastic storage trays

Dental plastic storage trays 7 different colours : red, green, yellow, white, blue, back and oran

Price from 21.35€
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Flat rectangular polypropylene bin

Flat rectangular polypropylene binMade of High Density PolyethyleneStackable, nestable when emptyAva

Price from 2.05€
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Plastic Storage Trays

Multiroir proposes a complete range of plastic storage trays.These trays are widely used by laborato

Price from 2.90€
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Plexi Dish with large surface

Plexi Dish with large surface Glossy and smooth surface Special model for "food contact" Unalte

Price from 18.85€
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Plexiglas pastry dish

Plexiglas pastry dishShiny and smooth surfaceSpecial model for food contactColourfastHigh quality

Price from 11.63€
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Presentation Trays

Multiroir presents its range of presentation trays.An innovative design, 6 modern translucent colour

Price from 4.47€
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Rectangular Plexi dish with rounded corners

Rectangular Plexi dish with rounded corners Gloosy and smooth surface Special model for "food co

Price from 13.94€
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Trays and Boxes PURE BOX

The PURE BOX trays and boxes are manufactured in polypropylene, a material which makes them highly r

Price from 1.28€
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