Are you in search of storage drawers for your products? Then our Multiroir product range is perfect for you. Modular and highly customizable, these drawers will meet all your storage needs.

Designed with high-quality materials, products from the "Multiroir" range not only allow you to store your products but also protect them from various external factors such as dust, UV rays, and more. Depending on your requirements, you have a choice of different models and colors.

The most popular products in the "Multiroir" range include:

  • Multiroir Crystal: This is a range of high-quality transparent drawer compartments. It comes in 5 standard models ranging from 1.9 to 30 liters. Additionally, some models in the Multiroir Crystal range are combinable and can form high-quality sets, providing you with more space.
  • Multiroir Crystal M5000: This model has a capacity of 5 liters and, like other models, is modular. You can combine them as needed to create a high-quality set. Made of polycarbonate, the M5000 offers both transparency and shock resistance. Moreover, it can be sterilized in an autoclave.
  • Multiroir TBS: This product is available in 4 models with capacities ranging from 1200 cm3 to 7700 cm3. Like the other models, Multiroir TBS is also interlocking on all sides. Furthermore, for better space optimization, you can combine them with each other.
  • Multiroir VISION: This is a series of drawer block units consisting of 10 models of different sizes. For this model as well, each drawer can be combined on all four sides, allowing you to assemble completely interlocking drawer blocks.
Multiroir cristal is a range of high quality transparent drawer-bins which can form high quality sets and save a lot of ...

multiroir cristal general Multiroir 08/08/2022 5679

Price from 14.62€
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Multiroir, manufacturer of plastic drawers, presents the new M5000 drawer. Like all the models in the Multiroir cristal ...

TD_2 Multiroir 08/08/2022 2651

Price from 34.88€
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The Multiroir TBS series proposes 4 models with a capacity ranging from 1200 cm3 to 7700 cm3.  As all Multiroir, th...

MT_3 Multiroir 08/08/2022 5328

Price from 16.01€
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The Multiroir VISION series is a range of drawer cabinets offering 10 different size models. As each drawer can be combi...

MV_4 Multiroir 08/08/2022 4019

Price from 13.44€
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