Crystal Multiroir M5000

Multiroir, manufacturer of plastic drawers, presents the new M5000 drawer. Like all the models in the Multiroir cristal range, the M5000 drawer, with a capacity of 5 litres, is perfectly modular, can be combined at will and is integral from all sides.

  • Made of polycarbonate, the M5000 plastic drawer combines perfect transparency, very high impact resistance and the possibility of being sterilised in an autoclave.
  • The M5000 plastic drawer is available with one large drawer or two small drawers, with the possibility of interchanging all drawers.
  • It is also compartmentalized by means of cross dividers.
  • Highly transparent and impact resistant polycarbonate material

Product Code: Multiroir
Brand Multiroir
Price from 34.88€
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Reference TD_2
Walls Solid
Material Polycarbonate
Color Transparent
Nestable Yes
Note Can be combined from all 4 sides
Origin France
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11158MS05002C Transversal Separation S 5002 C for M5000 C - Outer dim. 171xH84 In Stock - Shipping 48H/72H 3.82€ 10
11159MS05003A Transversal separation 1/2 S 5003 A for M5000 A - Outer Dim. 82xH84 In Stock - Shipping 48H/72H 2.68€ 10
11904ETIQ5000 Labels board - 12 labels for M5000 In Stock - Shipping 48H/72H 1.54€ 10
11128MT05000C Large Single Drawer for M5000 C - Inner Dim. 320x172xH92 In Stock - Shipping 48H/72H 15.56€ 12
11129MT05000A Small single drawerfor M5000 M5000 A - Dim. int. 320x82xH92 In Stock - Shipping 48H/72H 11.04€ 24

Multiroir crystal M5000

Perfectly combinable on all four sides, the M5000 crystal multidrawer allows you to create a stable storage unit that is fully customised to your needs.

As it is made of transparent polycarbonate, the M5000 drawer has a good thermal resistance (-100 °C to 120 °C) and shock resistance.

Therefore, it is perfectly possible to autoclave these boxes for cleaning.

In addition, each drawer can be divided into 8 sections by means of cross dividers, thus improving the number of available storage spaces. Don't worry, the drawers are equipped with anti-drop stops.

The Multiroir M5000 can be equipped with labels to facilitate the storage of your products.

The labels are fully transparent, making it easy to keep track of your stock and to store your products.

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Crystal Multiroir PS 5000C - 11108MU05000C 11108MU05000C Crystal Multiroir PS 5000C - 11108MU05000C 34.88€ 355 x 185 x H101 mm 320 x 172 x H92 mm 5L In Stock - Shipping 48H/72H 12
Crystal Multiroir 5000 A (1 unit + 2 small drawers ) - outer dim. 355x185xH101 11109MU05000A Crystal Multiroir 5000 A (1 unit + 2 small drawers ) - outer dim. 355x185xH101 39.67€ 355 x 185 x H101 mm 318 x 82 x H92 mm 5L In Stock - Shipping 48H/72H 12