Multi-purpose trolleys

Need a Cart?

Essential in the professional environment, carts greatly facilitate the transport of goods, saving time and reducing physical effort required to move heavy loads.

Come and discover our "multi-purpose carts" section, where we have gathered a wide selection of carts and serving trolleys that can meet your needs.

Handling Carts

  • The handling cart with sides allows for easy movement of bins and boxes with dimensions of 600x400. A model without sides is also available, allowing the transportation of much larger items without worrying about size.
  • A real innovation, the modular platform cart can be assembled with other models to increase its carrying surface. Whether used alone or assembled, it is easy to maneuver thanks to its multidirectional wheels.

Backrest Carts

  • Made from the same material as handling carts and modular platform carts, the foldable backrest cart is highly durable. It is easy to maneuver due to its foldable metal backrest and two swivel wheels with brakes.
  • The range of fixed foldable backrest carts offers numerous models. Some models have a metal structure with a wooden platform, while others have a metal structure and a plastic platform with a non-slip surface for added safety during transport.

Multi-Purpose Carts

  • Need to adapt a cart to your workspace? The adjustable TRTA cart is what you need. Whether you choose the 2 or 4-shelf model, they are fully adjustable in height.
  • Resin serving trolleys are stainless steel carts available with two or three resin shelves. Today, four resin colors are available on our website.

The cart models presented in this section have been primarily designed to meet the specific needs of professionals, whether in a store or a workshop.

For more information about our products, we invite you to check their detailed specification sheet.

Handling trucks
Handling trolleyTray size: 670x460 mmRigid PP base reinforced with 2 metal barsNon-slip trayErgonomic grip thanks to the...

CDM_01 Multi-purpose trolleys 08/08/2022 3613

Price from 41.35€ 82.71€
See the 2 models
Multi-purpose plastic trolley
Our multi-use plastic trolley is suitable for a large number of sectors of activity, such as laboratories, industry, med...

CHA-POLY Multi-purpose trolleys 08/08/2022 7901

Price from 10.62€ 21.24€
See the 10 models
Trolley with fixed and folding handle Welded structure in steel tube Epoxy blue RAL 5007 coating Melamine or plasti...

CDFR Multi-purpose trolleys 08/08/2022 2117

Price from 96.39€
See the 15 models
Shelf cartsWelded tubular steel structure, elegant frame with rounded cornersEpoxy coating blue RAL 5007Shelves made of ...

CAP Multi-purpose trolleys 08/08/2022 1185

Price from 334.23€
See the 22 models
Multi-purpose plastic trolley
Our multi-use plastic trolley is suitable for a large number of sectors of activity, such as laboratories, industry, med...

CMUNR-PVC Multi-purpose trolleys 08/08/2022 6040

Price from 8.51€ 17.01€
See the 8 models
Trolley with folding handleTray in reinforced PP, thickness 35 mm.Silent castors diam. 100 mm.2 fixed castors + 2 swivel...

CADR Multi-purpose trolleys 08/08/2022 2112

Price from 96.39€
See the 2 models
Trolley for workshops, offices, production zones, hospitals. The height of all the trays can be adjusted using an Allen...

CR-TRTA Multi-purpose trolleys 08/08/2022 1564

Price from 510.30€
See the 4 models
MDOSE ABS 600X400 trolleys
Aluminium tube upright Ø39 mmAvailable with 2 or 3 reinforced ABS trays with 4 rounded edges2-sided push handle integrat...

GMABS-600X400 Multi-purpose trolleys 08/08/2022 2440

Price from 96.10€ 240.25€
See the 2 models
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