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Storage Trolleys: Invest in Quality with Multiroir

Space-saving and simple storage – these are the promises of storage trolleys. On Multiroir, discover the storage trolleys you need in just a few clicks, regardless of your industry.

Our Selection of Storage Trolleys:

Explore in our range of storage trolleys:

  • ISIBOX Drawer Trolleys: These trolleys have drawers made of Crystal Shock Polystyrene, allowing you to see the contents. Their structures are made of polypropylene, making them highly resistant to shocks.
  • POLYBOX Drawer Trolleys: Built to last, these polypropylene storage trolleys offer exceptional durability. They are recommended for storing A4-sized documents but also accommodate larger volumes.
  • Bare Trolleys for Tray Drawers: Available in three versions (with 2, 4, or 6 blocks), these trolleys are designed for PM-A4, GM, or XM blocks. Featuring aluminum tube legs, they combine robustness, strength, and stability. Each model is ideal for storing and organizing small parts.
  • Eco Storage Trolleys: Made of polypropylene, these translucent trolleys are perfect for storing lightweight items. They feature drawers that can be extracted from both sides and come with four swiveling wheels.
  • Transportable STORE AGE Storage Units: Constructed from polypropylene, these units are equipped with transparent drawers and foldable transport handles. They are perfect for storage, organization, and transportation in a professional setting.

Available in various sizes, our storage trolleys can meet all your storage needs. The choice of how to use them is up to you! Just like our other products, we ensure competitive prices. So, why shop elsewhere? Our quality of service will also satisfy you.

The POLYBOX storage drawer carts are made entirely in polypropylene and consequently offer a high resistance to shocks.A...

RT_6 Storage carts 08/08/2022 9949

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The portable STORE AGE storage units are the perfect tool for professional storage, organisation and transportation. All...

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Storage Drawer cart structures W/O Drawers
The tray-drawer bare trolleys are designed for PM-A4, GM, or XM blocks. The single-column version consists of 2 PM-A4, G...

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Price from 135.98€ 280.12€
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