Mesh pallet box

Discover our wire mesh pallet boxes designed to provide optimum protection for your stored products. Featuring a mesh structure, these boxes offer enhanced security while guaranteeing exceptional visibility of the contents. The absence of sheet metal walls means that products can be identified immediately, making logistics operations easier.

Suitable for a variety of sectors, including industry, textiles and retail, our pallet boxes are lightweight and take up very little space. When open, they maximise the space available for the contents, while when folded they take up a minimum of storage space.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of different business sectors, they can be folded, racked, returned or stacked, offering optimum flexibility to adapt to your specific logistical needs.

Foldable wire mesh pallet boxSteel wire structure with electrolytic zinc coating finishFoldable to save space during tra...

CPGP_01 Mesh pallet box 08/08/2022 4212

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Pallet collarSteel wire structure with electrolytic zinc coating finishVery easy to fix with a clip systemStackable in f...

RP_01 Mesh pallet box 08/08/2022 2483

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