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Large Volume Cases

For professionals, Multiroir offers a wide selection of large volume briefcases and cases in which you can perfectly store all your files and/or other items. Thanks to their ample storage capacity, these cases can easily accommodate various large items. Furthermore, with their comfortable size and design, they are well-suited for transportation and can accompany you wherever you go.

Our large volume cases also provide remarkable performance and exceptional durability. Modular and adaptable, they can serve various purposes. In addition to being storage and transportation equipment, they can also be used for product presentations. Thanks to their various options, you can customize their interiors according to your needs, and they even offer customization possibilities.

Multiroir's Range of Large Volume Cases

Among our range of large volume cases, the following are the most highly appreciated by our online community:

  • PRO Series Plastic Case: This is a series of 12 professional plastic cases. They all come with high-quality handles and clasps. Constructed from high-density polypropylene, the PRO plastic case is notably impact-resistant and capable of bearing heavy loads. It also features hinges with steel rods and provides excellent stability.
  • EXCELLENT Series Plastic Cases: Made from polypropylene, these cases are particularly robust and durable. They are designed for the transportation and presentation of heavy products. Featuring a waffle structure, they offer increased rigidity.
  • K2008 Presentation Cases – 445 x 328 x H144 mm: Manufactured from polypropylene, these cases are available in three colors: gray, blue, and black. Additionally, these cases can be personalized according to your preferences.
  • K2010 Presentation Case – 440 x 310 x H130 mm: Made of polypropylene, this case is available in various colors. Similar to the K2008 model, it can be customized to suit your needs.
Plastic Cases - PRO SeriesMultiroir introduces the PRO series plastic case: a series of 12 professional plastic cases wi...

VP_166 Large plastic case 08/08/2022 2013

Price from 20.82€
See the 12 models
Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty Material Thick Polypropylene Recycled and recyclable mate...

CRP Large plastic case 08/08/2022 9690

Price from 25.04€
See the 6 models
Plastic presentation cases K2008 series:Made of polypropyleneGrey, blue or blackTo be customized on demand if you wish...

K2008 Large plastic case 08/08/2022 965

Price from 51.00€
See the 3 models
The K2010 series plastic presentation case is :Made of polypropyleneAvailable in a wide range of colorsCustomizable...

K2010 Large plastic case 08/08/2022 1047

Price from 38.59€
See the 3 models
The new "Excellent" series of plastic cases exudes strength and solidity. Specially designed for the transport and prese...

MP_167 Large plastic case 08/08/2022 1308

Price from 73.42€
See the 12 models
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