Foldable pallet box

Our foldable pallet box solutions provide tailored options to meet the specific needs of professionals in handling and logistics. Foldable pallet boxes offer a practical space-saving solution when not in use. Thanks to their collapsible design, they can be easily stored or transported empty, optimizing space and reducing transportation and storage costs.

Crafted from high-quality plastic, our foldable pallet boxes are resistant to impacts, moisture, temperature variations, and a variety of chemicals.

Whether you need to transport food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, or other goods, our foldable pallet boxes meet your requirements. They are compatible with automated handling systems and forklifts, ensuring seamless integration into your existing logistics chain.

Lightweight folding pallet boxHDPE/PP structure75% volume reductionHinged door with velcroMaximum load: 500 to 1000 kgLi...

CPPL_01 Foldable pallet box 08/08/2022 1640

Price from 247.81€
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With a large storage capacity and folding sides, our folding pallet container, also known as the big box pallet, guarant...

CP_176 Foldable pallet box 08/08/2022 2551

Price from 272.66€
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The folding ventilated pallet container, also known as the « Folding Big-Box » or the « ...

CP_178 Foldable pallet box 08/08/2022 2800

Price from 257.25€
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Foldable pallet boxes with access flap provide you with a perfect visibility of your products as well as an optimal grip...

CP_205 Foldable pallet box 08/08/2022 2931

Price from 193.88€
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ESD collapsible pallet container with opening flaps Electrically conductive plastics Stackable Optianal : label-hol...

CPPTAESD Foldable pallet box 08/08/2022 1583

Price from 633.78€
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