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Multiroir: Your Reference for Dental Boxes

Are you a dental health professional? You certainly know that your profession requires several specific tools and accessories. At Multiroir, you can easily discover the dental boxes you need, whether for storage, organization, or transportation of your dental products.

Dental Boxes Perfectly Suited to Your Needs

At Multiroir, we offer different types of dental boxes:

  • Plastic boxes for dental appliances: Made from Polypropylene, these boxes are highly resistant to impacts. Hygienic and easy to clean, they are perfect for storing and organizing dental appliances. In terms of aesthetics, their particularly elegant design will not leave you indifferent.
  • Crystal polystyrene boxes: Designed for storing and organizing dental burs, these transparent boxes are available in various models and references.
  • Transport boxes: Ideal for transporting dental products, these boxes ensure optimal safety. They are available in various customizable models.

If you want to give a gift to your young patients, we can help with that as well! In fact, we also have plastic boxes for baby teeth. Comprising 2 half-boxes that can be assembled by snapping together, the tooth-shaped box will surely delight the recipient. Furthermore, this type of box can be highly useful for a dental-related promotional campaign. You can choose from the available colors: blue, transparent, yellow, red, white, and green.

Enjoy Excellent Value for Money

Committed to your satisfaction, we offer only top-quality dental boxes. Many professionals continue to trust us to this day due to the reliability of our products. As for prices, you have nothing to worry about – we offer very competitive prices.

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BCFA-MULTICASE Tooth box 04/08/2023 6193

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BP_95 Tooth box 08/08/2022 1346

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