Glassware Storage Boxes

Multiroir: Your Go-To Source for Glass and Plate Bins

Continuously striving for customer satisfaction, Multiroir has developed an extensive range of bins for glass and plates. These bins are primarily designed for use by restaurateurs, caterers, institutions, and dish rental services.

Our Stackable Plate Bins

Manufactured according to European standards, our stackable plate bins are designed for the transport, storage, and organization of plates. Whether it's about durability, transport safety, hygiene, or food contact, these bins meet all expectations. That's why they are increasingly favored by professionals in the restaurant and dish rental industry.

Are you interested in an accessory that allows you to easily wash, store, and transport your glasses and plates? In that case, the Multi-rack dish rack is what you need.

For picking, we offer Euro bins with front openings. With exceptional durability, these bins ensure easy loading and unloading.

Our Glass Bins

Our stackable glass bins are made from high-thickness polypropylene. Hygienic and combining strength with lightweight features, these bins are perfect for storing, transporting, and organizing all types of glassware (stemware, low glasses, high glasses, champagne flutes, ice cream bowls, and more).

You can choose between perforated or solid-walled bins according to your preference. Whichever you choose, you'll gain in convenience, and most importantly, you'll have the assurance of an easy-to-clean bin. To your delight, our glass bins offer substantial stacking capacity (up to 600 kg).

To select the right model for your needs, consider the dimensions (height and diameter) of your glassware when purchasing a glass bin.

And what about purchasing a cart for your Euro-standard bins?

To significantly streamline your work process, consider buying a cart for Euro-standard bins. This four-wheeled cart will enhance the maneuverability of your glass and plate bins, which will undoubtedly please you.

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