Glassware Storage Boxes

Multiroir offer a full range of Glassware Storage Boxes: a perfect product for washing, storing, protecting and transporting your glassware.
The multi-rack range is a complete system of racks for washing, storing and transporting glasses and plates. The multi-...

11- CV Glassware Storage Boxes 08/08/2022 2113

Price from 0.72€
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Plastic containers for glasses
Plastic containers for glasses The glass racks are compatible with all European Standard containers. These racks are de...

BP_123 Glassware Storage Boxes 08/08/2022 5173

Price from 5.65€ 6.64€
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Plastic containers for plates
Multiroir offers a range of very robust racks for the transportation, storage and organization of your plates The conta...

BA 200 Glassware Storage Boxes 08/08/2022 2024

Price from 8.55€ 10.06€
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MULTIRACK dishwasher kit MULTIRACK Recyclable PP material Chemical and impact resistant material Food contact stand...

KCVMR Glassware Storage Boxes 08/08/2022 590

Price from 25.29€
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The open fronted Euro container is ideal for picking. With this model, all products are within reach! These plastic cont...

BE_219 Glassware Storage Boxes 08/08/2022 796

Price from 11.54€
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Transport trolleys - Euronorm
Multiroir invites you to discover its two transport carts for euro norm bins that will make your life easier.Maximum loa...

CPBE_NE03 Glassware Storage Boxes 08/08/2022 446

Price from 46.91€ 58.63€
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Ventilated Euro containers
The Ventilated Euro container is compatible with all containers meeting European Standards and in particular with Euro p...

BP_120 Glassware Storage Boxes 08/08/2022 1238

Price from 8.19€ 16.38€
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Clearance - glass bins
Euro containers for transporting, storing and keeping glasses and plates.Hygienic stackable binsSturdy and light binsSta...

DBPV Glassware Storage Boxes 18/10/2022 748

Price from 4.20€ 8.40€
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