Eco-responsible range

At Multiroir, we have been committed to an eco-responsible approach for many years and this is now reflected in our product range.

In this way, we are responding to an increasingly strong demand from our customers for recycling and reuse. This commitment also corresponds to the new obligations of the public purchaser, who through the AGEC law, must acquire goods from reuse or recycling or including recycled materials.

We offer you an eco-responsible range which corresponds to the following selection criteria:

Products that are made from recycled material

Products made from recycled material have a much smaller carbon footprint than products made from virgin material. For example, for polypropylene bins, one tonne of recycled material can save 700 kg of oil.

These products can be recognised by the :

Second hand or second choice products

We offer a range of second-hand or second choice products that now have a second life through many needs.

These products can be identified by the logo :

Short circuit" products - Made in France

At Multiroir, we manufacture or have manufactured a large number of products in France. Made in France is a guarantee of quality for our customers but also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of our products.

These products can be recognised by the :

Multiroir s’efforce de proposer des produits respectueux de l’environnement avec la mise sur le marché de solutions plus durables et plus écoresponsables.

Semi open fronted storage container - ECOBOX

Our semi open fronted storage containers ECOBOX series are stackable, robust and ergonomic. Ecobox

Price from 0.41€
See the 5 models


The used blue 600x400 bin is available in excellent condition. It is ideal for storing industrial pr

7.59€ 16.86€

European standard plastic bin in recycled material

European standard plastic bin in recycled materialStackable and palletisable polypropylene storage b

Price from 1.23€
See the 22 models

MLT-R series spout bin

MLT-R series spout binRecycled polypropylene materialTemperature range: -20° to +60°CDark grey colou

Price from 0.84€
See the 5 models

Euro container - ECO

Plastic euro container - ECOThe best price/quality ratio on the marketSolid bottoms and solid wallsI

Price from 3.59€
See the 10 models

Plastic container for transport - ECO SERIE

Plastic container for transport - ECO SERIEEconomical: the best quality/price ratio on the marketEnv

Price from 9.50€
See the 7 models

Solid Euro containers - 2ND CHOICE

Euro bins - second choice goodsThe second choice bins are perfectly new and functional. They meet al

Price from 5.82€
See the 2 models

Stack and nest container - ECO

Stack and nest container ECO series Material Recyclable thick polypropylene Dimensions 600x400,

Price from 8.33€
See the 10 models

Storage boxes with modular divider

Storage boxes with modular divider Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty

Price from 28.68€
See the 4 models
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