Are you looking for a reliable partner for the purchase of dental storage material?

Look no further!

Multiroir is committed to providing you with quality, durable and hygienic equipment for the storage and transport of your work materials.

The "special dental" category consists of several types of storage units designed for the entire dental sector.

You will find dental boxes specially designed to hold the various models of drills and burs.

Specialised products include trays, appliance boxes and baby tooth boxes. The range also includes stainless steel trolleys, plastic trolleys, etc.

In this category you can also find the following items:

Compartment box - V9
10 references2 different box heightsFrom 5 to 54 compartmentsRemovable gridTransparent lid with locking systemStackable ...

BCM Dental 08/08/2022 786

Price from 8.64€ 10.17€
See the 10 models
Dental plastic storage trays 7 different colours : red, green, yellow, white, blue, back and orange 2 different size...

PS_64 Dental 08/08/2022 396

Price from 22.35€
See the 14 models
Multi-purpose plastic trolley
Our multi-use plastic trolley is suitable for a large number of sectors of activity, such as laboratories, industry, med...

CHA-POLY Dental 08/08/2022 1153

Price from 10.62€ 21.24€
See the 10 models
Translucent spout bins The transparent picking bins facilitate the storage and organisation of your products. Products ...

BA_01 Dental 08/08/2022 697

Price from 1.32€
See the 5 models
The square or rectangular plastic boxes UNIBOX are widely used in the industrial world. Their outstanding robustness ena...

BP_72 Dental 08/08/2022 629

Price from 0.22€
See the 46 models
Dental Appliance Cases
Plastic braces boxes have a sleek design and a soft touch.These dental boxes are perfect for storing or organizing any t...

BP_96 Dental 08/08/2022 1356

Price from 0.53€ 1.07€
See the 6 models
Stainless steel trolleys - 201 series
Material Stainless steel AISI 201 Light weight and excellent handling Tube thickness: 0.7 mm 2 push handles 4 swivel...

CI-S201 Dental 08/08/2022 569

Price from 75.47€ 150.93€
See the 7 models
MDOSE ABS 600X400 trolleys
Aluminium tube upright Ø39 mmAvailable with 2 or 3 reinforced ABS trays with 4 rounded edges2-sided push handle integrat...

GMABS-600X400 Dental 08/08/2022 317

Price from 96.10€ 240.25€
See the 2 models
Protective screens for counters
Protective screens for countersIn response to the increased demand for protection of staff in contact with customers, we...

EDP Dental 08/08/2022 585

Price from 37.83€ 75.66€
See the 3 models
Safety face shield - CLASSIC
Safety face shield - CLASSIC Safety face shields are adjustable and comfortable so that they can be worn over a lo...

VPIC Dental 08/08/2022 583

Price from 3.75€ 7.50€
See the 1 models
Type IIR surgical masks
3 layer non-woven polypropyleneEar elastic: polyester and elastaneNose clip: zinc-coated plasticLatex freeMaintenance fr...

MC Dental 08/08/2022 210

Price from 1.00€ 4.73€
See the 5 models
Surgical Mask - TYPE II
Surgical Mask - TYPE II Three layers of polypropylene Fastening elastic: polyurethane, polyester Nose clip: polyeth...

MCTII Dental 08/08/2022 589

Price from 1.54€ 2.48€
See the 2 models
The plastic boxes in the shape of a tooth have been designed for health professionals wishing to give a gift to children...

BP_95 Dental 08/08/2022 327

Price from 1.24€
See the 2 models
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