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Plastic drawers that will captivate you

When it comes to storage solutions, it's no coincidence that more and more professionals and individuals trust Multiroir today. Quality has been our motto since 1957. If you are considering purchasing plastic drawers, trust us too.

Plastic drawers in all shapes and sizes

Indeed, Multiroir remains your go-to for plastic drawers! Depending on your choice, you can opt for:

  • The STORE AGE storage drawer: with a foldable transport handle, this drawer is portable.
  • The PM drawer: with 6 drawer compartments.
  • The PM-A4 drawer: with 9 drawer compartments.
  • The XM drawer: with 4 drawer compartments.
  • The GM drawer: with 6 drawer compartments.

Regardless of your choice, design, strength, and durability are always guaranteed. All our plastic drawers are designed with the utmost focus on quality.

Our range of transparent plastic drawers

Are you looking for transparent plastic drawers? You're in the right place on Multiroir! A wide selection awaits you on our website:

  • Storage drawer carts POLYBOX: ideal for organizing A4-sized documents and storing large volumes.
  • ISIBOX drawer carts: with shock-resistant Crystal Polystyrene drawers, these carts ensure excellent durability.
  • Eco-storage drawer: a modular system of transparent plastic drawers.
  • SOLOBOX plastic drawers: perfect for shelf or cabinet storage.

While browsing our website, also discover:

  • The Multiroir Crystal series.
  • The Multiroir Crystal M5000 series.
  • The Multiroir TBS series.
  • The Multiroir VISION series.

Excellent visibility is the primary promise of our transparent plastic drawers. With these drawers, you'll always know where to find your items and documents.

Multiroir cristal is a range of high quality transparent drawer-bins which can form high quality sets and save a lot of ...

multiroir cristal general Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 5904

Price from 14.62€
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Multiroir, manufacturer of plastic drawers, presents the new M5000 drawer. Like all the models in the Multiroir cristal ...

TD_2 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 2712

Price from 34.88€
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The POLYBOX storage drawer carts are made entirely in polypropylene and consequently offer a high resistance to shocks.A...

RT_6 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 10328

Price from 38.54€
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The portable STORE AGE storage units are the perfect tool for professional storage, organisation and transportation. All...

CT_12 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 8377

Price from 42.51€
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The GM block consists of 6 drawer units. The drawers can be assembled individually by clipping, so it is possible to mod...

PT_113 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 5235

Price from 9.49€
See the 12 models
The PM tray-drawer unit consists of 6 drawers in mixed colors. It is ideal for storing small items or small parts.Each d...

PT_115 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 2511

Price from 7.35€
See the 9 models
Each plastic drawer in the SOLOBOX series is made of polypropylene and is therefore highly impact-resistant.All drawers ...

TP_7 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 7776

Price from 19.23€
See the 4 models
The PM-A4 block consists of 9 drawer units. The drawers can be assembled individually, so the number of drawers can be a...

PT_107 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 4343

Price from 11.06€
See the 8 models
The XM drawer-cabinet consists of 4 drawers. The drawers are assembled individually, so it is possible to modulate the n...

PT_114 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 6956

Price from 12.43€
See the 6 models
The ECO storage drawer range is a modular system of stackable transparent plastic drawers that can be pulled out on both...

et_10 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 3509

Price from 11.70€
See the 4 models
The Multiroir TBS series proposes 4 models with a capacity ranging from 1200 cm3 to 7700 cm3.  As all Multiroir, th...

MT_3 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 5652

Price from 16.01€
See the 5 models
The Multiroir VISION series is a range of drawer cabinets offering 10 different size models. As each drawer can be combi...

MV_4 Plastic drawer 08/08/2022 4199

Price from 13.44€
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