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Workstations and Workbenches

Nowadays, employees suffering from Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) are on the rise in various companies. This has led many business owners to seek solutions that allow their employees to feel better at work and be more productive.

To meet these expectations, Multiroir offers different models of perfectly ergonomic workstations and workbenches. These materials are specially designed to address the various comfort needs of workers. All workstations and workbenches feature a completely customizable architecture and offer multiple adjustment possibilities. This allows each employee to optimize their working position according to their needs and preferences. As a result, the risk of MSDs is minimized, and productivity is ensured.

Different Models of Workstations and Workbenches Offered by Multiroir

For its range of workstations and workbenches, Multiroir offers the following three products:

  • Workstations: A benchmark in the business and workshop field, TRESTON workstations offer exceptional finesse and quality. Thanks to their high adaptability, these workstations allow the creation of both ergonomic and modular production or assembly stations.
  • Fixed Workbenches: These workbenches have overall dimensions of 665 x 810 mm and a working height with a 850 mm tabletop. Additionally, these fixed workbenches feature a usable drawer measuring 600 x 400 mm and a cabinet door measuring 440 x 450/600 mm. They are available in a gray RAL 7035 or blue RAL 5023 epoxy finish.
  • Mobile Workbenches: These benches have a welded U-profile metal structure (500 x 420 x 370 mm) equipped with a height adjustment system. They can support a 200 kg load per element, and each element comes with adjustable intermediate shelves at 30 mm intervals.
Fixed workbenchesD x H overall: 665 x 810 mmH of work with tray : 850 mmDrawer W x D useful: 600 x 400 mmDoor box W x H ...

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Structure in welded U-shaped metal profiles (500 x 420 x 370 mm) with height adjustment system. Load per element: 200 kg...

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