Cabinets with drawers and bins

Bins and Drawers Cabinet

Are you in search of a cabinet to store your SLK picking bins or drawer bins? At Multiroir, we can provide you with the best options. We offer a wide range of bins and drawers cabinets, where you can certainly find the one you're looking for. Crafted with high-quality materials, all our cabinets exhibit remarkable resistance to impacts and wear. To enhance storage and product security, most of our bins and drawers cabinets are equipped with sophisticated handles and locking systems.

Multiroir's Range of Bins and Drawers Cabinets

For improved storage and product protection, Multiroir offers four types of high-performance and reliable bins and drawers cabinets:

  • Fixed Storage Rack for Dividable Bins: As the name suggests, it's designed for storing and organizing dividable bins. In fact, this model comes with the bins included. This cabinet features a gray color and a metal structure, making it highly impact-resistant. Available in two different dimensions, the Fixed Storage Rack can accommodate 8 or 16 dividable bins.
  • Swing-Door Cabinets: These metal cabinets have two swing doors and are particularly sturdy. They are specially designed to accommodate picking bins. For your convenience, these cabinets are delivered pre-assembled with locks. You have the choice between tall and low versions.
  • Doorless Metal Cabinet: Ultra-resistant, this cabinet is also well-equipped to receive picking bins. Additionally, it comes pre-assembled, saving you extra work and expenses. This cabinet is typically sold with sets of SLK picking bins.
  • Equipped Cabinets: Specially designed for use in an industrial setting, these cabinets offer exceptional strength and can handle heavy loads. They are made of steel sheet and feature a 3-point key lock system. These cabinets typically have a body in a pastel gray color and blue doors.
These fitted cabinets have been designed for industrial use, so they are very robust and suitable for heavy loads. The ...

AE_01 Cabinets with drawers and bins 08/08/2022 1699

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APB_01 Cabinets with drawers and bins 08/08/2022 1366

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Fixed storage unit for dividable storage boxes The fixed storage unit for dividable storage boxes is designed to facili...

RF_01 Cabinets with drawers and bins 08/08/2022 2537

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