Plastic Crates

Plastic Crates

Do you need plastic crates to store and transport your food products while optimizing the available workspace?

Multiroir is capable of providing you with the best equipment available in the market. Indeed, our storage crates are known for their performance and reliability. They comply with Eurostandard requirements and are entirely manufactured according to the strictest rules.

Our range of plastic crates is primarily composed of models made from polypropylene. This material is suitable for storing food items. Unlike other materials, it doesn't leave any residue on the products, making them safe for consumption.

Available in various colors and adaptable dimensions, our crates can certainly meet your expectations and needs. You just need to choose from the different models we offer.

Practical and Ergonomic Storage Crates

The range of plastic crates includes many models designed to meet your needs.

These plastic crates feature perforated walls that facilitate air circulation. This seemingly insignificant feature is quite interesting because it helps reduce the moisture inside the crate, which is often a factor in mold growth.

Moreover, each model is equipped with at least two handling grips, making it easy to maneuver the crates. The presence of internal or external rims, depending on the model, allows them to be stackable. This makes it very easy to stack them in a tower to save floor space.

Compliance with the Eurostandard makes them compatible with various accessories such as lids or carts.

A Wide Range of Reliable and High-Performance Plastic Crates

According to your needs, we can provide you with all the crates you require. Whether for use in agricultural environments or in the agri-food sector, we are ready to supply you with everything you need. For storing and transporting your products, you can find crates in our catalog such as:

  • Plastic Maraker Crate - Green Color
  • Stackable Interlocking Plastic Crate Allibert
  • Stackable Plastic Crate Allibert for Market Gardeners
  • Meat Crate E2 RED - 600 x 400 x 200 mm
  • Market Gardener Crate - Grey Color
  • Market Gardener Crate - Red Color
  • Plastic Market Gardener Crate - Black Color
  • Picking Plastic Crate
  • Food Plastic Crate
  • Stackable Nestable Plastic Crate
  • Plastic Maraker Crate - Blue Color, etc.

These products are part of our selection of plastic crates, but we have other models that can surely meet your needs.

Empty volume reduction of up to 84Reinforced bottom and corners to withstand heavy loadsSmooth wallsEasy to clean and dr...

BPENPF Plastic Crates 05/12/2022 2850

Price from 10.08€
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Foldable Crate with active lock system
Multiroir’s new plastic foldable crate with active lock system for fast, easy and safe operation.  This plast...

BPVAS_01 Plastic Crates 08/08/2022 3651

Price from 11.89€ 15.31€
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CRP Plastic Crates 08/08/2022 8087

Price from 25.04€
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Storage boxes with modular divider
Storage boxes with modular divider Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty Material Thick Polyp...

CRSMP Plastic Crates 08/08/2022 4102

Price from 18.77€ 38.66€
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Plastic collapsible crate with wood effect
Collapsible and stackable to optimize space during transport and storage Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable ...

BPEB Plastic Crates 08/08/2022 6530

Price from 11.89€ 15.31€
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