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Specialized Plastic Tool Cases

Do you need a specialized plastic tool case? On our website, we offer various options of specialized plastic tool cases.

Our Selection of Plastic Tool Cases

With our specialized plastic tool cases, say goodbye to the days of struggling to organize or locate your tools! Choose from:

  • Organizer Series Plastic Cases: Made of polypropylene, these cases feature compartments (fixed and/or removable depending on the models). They are perfect for transporting small parts. Thanks to their transparent lids, it's easy to identify the contents.
  • CLUB Series Plastic Cases: Crafted from polypropylene, these cases are known for their high impact resistance. Equipped with compartmentalized trays, these cases are ideal for transporting and storing tools and small DIY parts.
  • PRO Series Plastic Cases: These cases are ideal for larger tools and are manufactured from high-density polypropylene. They can also be used as presentation cases.
  • CLUB Series Tool Chests: Highly convenient, these tool chests are entirely made of polypropylene and are recommended for storing and organizing small DIY consumables.

For storage, organization, and transportation of tools in your workplace, we offer the portable tool storage case, STORE AGE. Made of polypropylene, this type of case features a collapsible handle. You can choose between a version with wheels or a portable version.

With Multiroir, you always receive exceptional value for your investment and service that meets your expectations. Feel free to place an order or request a quote now.

The portable STORE AGE storage units are the perfect tool for professional storage, organisation and transportation. All...

CT_12 Plastic Tool Case 08/08/2022 7884

Price from 42.51€
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VP_166 Plastic Tool Case 08/08/2022 1831

Price from 20.82€
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The plastic cases of the Organizer series are ideal for the transport of small parts. All plastic cases in this series a...

VP_22_serieOrganizer Plastic Tool Case 08/08/2022 972

Price from 2.88€
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The CLUB series plastic cases are particularly suitable for the world of tools and DIY. All available models are made of...

MP_23 Plastic Tool Case 08/08/2022 1233

Price from 11.70€
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