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Are you looking for simple and easy-to-implement solutions to optimize the storage and organization of your products in your store, workshop, or warehouse?

In the Multiroir range of storage bins, you'll find professional-quality solutions at manufacturer prices that are suitable for addressing these types of challenges.

Each storage bin has been designed to facilitate the storage and organization of products of various sizes, types, and shapes. Made from high-quality materials, our storage bins exhibit great resistance to temperature fluctuations, humidity, dust, and most of the chemicals available in the market. This durability is attributed to the choice of selected materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene, which are well-known among professionals for their incredible resilience in various environments.

These robust and warp-resistant plastic storage bins are also highly functional due to their front opening, which allows for quicker product retrieval, making them ideal for picking activities.

To better meet your needs and requirements, each storage bin is available in different sizes and can be equipped with accessories such as shelves, lids for added security, or dividers. Additionally, wall panels and steel rails are also available on our website.

Multiroir's Storage Bin Ranges

To cater to all expectations, Multiroir offers a wide range of storage bins in its catalog, including the following models:

  • Plastic Storage Bins - SLK Series: This range includes a wide selection of storage bins for the storage and picking of small parts, made from polypropylene for exceptional durability. They can withstand impacts, extreme temperatures, and many acids and chemicals. These virtually warp-resistant bins are ergonomically designed and offer high robustness. They come in two colors: blue and red, as well as various lengths and widths to suit your needs.
  • Transparent Storage Bins: Perfect for storing and organizing products, these bins feature a ribbed base for easy handling of small items. They are made of transparent polystyrene and are stackable and warp-resistant. These bins are available in six different sizes.
  • ECOBOX Storage Bins: Resilient and functional, this model stands out for its excellent quality-to-price ratio. It is stackable and equipped with label holders for easy product identification. You can choose from three colors: blue, red, and green.
  • Foldable Storage Bins: Made from expanded polypropylene, these bins are rigid and lightweight compared to cardboard, while remaining warp-resistant. They also withstand temperature variations and various chemicals. Ergonomic and cost-effective, this model is perfect for storing and picking lightweight goods. These bins come in various dimensions and offer a choice of colors: orange and blue.
  • Euro Bins with Front Opening: These models feature a front opening for easy retrieval, loading, and unloading of products, making them ideal for picking. Made of polypropylene, these bins offer excellent robustness and strength. They are available in silver-gray color but can also be provided in other colors upon request.
  • Antistatic Storage Bins: This model is perfect for storing and organizing products that are sensitive to static electricity. It is made of polypropylene and comes in black. These bins are antistatic and warp-resistant. Ergonomic and stackable storage bins to optimize your workspace.

A wide selection of storage bins to better organize your workshop or garage awaits you in this section.

MLT-R series spout bin
Recycled polypropylene materialTemperature range: -20° to +60°CDark grey colourEasy to clean thanks to smooth inner wall...

MLT-R Picking Bins 08/08/2022 3388

Price from 0.83€ 0.97€
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BA_21 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 3870

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The open fronted Euro container is ideal for picking. With this model, all products are within reach! These plastic cont...

BE_219 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 2624

Price from 11.88€
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Semi Open Fronted Containers MLT series
Semi Open Fronted Containers MLT series The semi open fronted containers MLT series are stackable and their front openi...

BA_187 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 8900

Price from 0.99€ 1.17€
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Translucent spout bins The transparent picking bins facilitate the storage and organisation of your products. Products ...

BA_01 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 3614

Price from 1.36€
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The blue polypropylene stackable bin is ideal for industrial and food environments. Lightweight, chemical-resistant and ...

BABPG Picking Bins 08/08/2022 1675

Price from 5.58€
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Folding Semi Open Fronted Plastic Storage boxes The folding semi open fronted plastic storage boxes combine high rigidi...

BA_124 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 2800

Price from 1.21€
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ESD trays are suitable for the safe transport and storage of sensitive electronic components. They prevent electrostatic...

BAB_ESD Picking Bins 08/08/2022 1740

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Shelving kits for MLT beaker binsEasy assembly without screws and boltsShelves are fixed with 4 pegsSolid shelvesLadders...

KRBBSLK_01 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 3121

Price from 254.92€
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This racking kit in galvanised steel is easy to assemble and very resistant. This kit is completed with different sets o...

KRMBT_01 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 4012

Price from 306.12€
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