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Picking bins and picking containers for professionals: low price, strong, high quality. Find great deals on Multiroir picking container.
Semi Open Fronted Containers MLT series
Semi Open Fronted Containers MLT series The semi open fronted containers MLT series are stackable and their front openi...

BA_187 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 679

Price from 0.80€ 1.14€
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Our semi open fronted storage containers ECOBOX series are stackable, robust and ergonomic. Ecobox plastic containers a...

BA_21 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 291

Price from 0.41€
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Recycled polypropylene materialTemperature range: -20° to +60°CDark grey colourEasy to clean thanks to smooth inner wall...

MTL-R Picking Bins 08/08/2022 253

Price from 0.84€
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The open fronted Euro container is ideal for picking. With this model, all products are within reach! These plastic cont...

BE_219 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 238

Price from 11.02€
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Translucent spout bins The transparent picking bins facilitate the storage and organisation of your products. Products ...

BA_01 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 197

Price from 1.18€
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Stackable folding semi open fronted plastic storage box Polypropylene material Excellent resistance to chemical age...

BABPG Picking Bins 08/08/2022 175

Price from 4.52€
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Folding Semi Open Fronted Plastic Storage boxes The folding semi open fronted plastic storage boxes combine high rigidi...

BA_124 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 226

Price from 1.05€
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ESD trays are suitable for the safe transport and storage of sensitive electronic components. They prevent electrostatic...

BAB_ESD Picking Bins 08/08/2022 117

Price from 5.57€
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Shelving kits for MLT beaker binsEasy assembly without screws and boltsShelves are fixed with 4 pegsSolid shelvesLadders...

KRBBSLK_01 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 172

Price from 220.58€
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This racking kit in galvanised steel is easy to assemble and very resistant. This kit is completed with different sets o...

KRMBT_01 Picking Bins 08/08/2022 290

Price from 264.89€
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