Polypropylene plastic box

Polypropylene plastic box
The Ecoline range comprises 4 storage bins made from 100% recycled polypropylene. These multi-purpose storage bins are e...

BDRECOLINE Polypropylene plastic box 16/05/2023 103

Price from 6.21€
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MULTIBOX are strong, transparent plastic containers that can be used to package, store and transport a wide variety of p...

BPM Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 2990

Price from 1.63€
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Suitable for "food contact" Waterproof Stackable...

PPCVS Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 772

Price from 4.73€
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The SMARTSTORE™ DRY range of boxes are designed to withstand the harshest of indoor and outdoor conditions. Perfectly se...

BHSD Polypropylene plastic box 03/05/2023 196

Price from 13.41€
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The SMARTSTORE™ PRO series of storage bins appeals to both private and professional users for its versatility, space sav...

BSP Polypropylene plastic box 02/05/2023 236

Price from 12.46€
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The PURE BOX trays and boxes are manufactured in polypropylene, a material which makes them highly resistant to shocks. ...

PP_227 Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 912

Price from 2.47€
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Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty Material Thick Polypropylene Recycled and recyclable mate...

CRP Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 1612

Price from 24.32€
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PROBOX storage boxTemperature resistant Stackable and nestable Insensitive to shocks Ergonomic handles fo...

B_PROBOX Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 1760

Price from 5.51€
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Multiroir invites you to discover its range of plastic polypropylene storage boxes: the LIGHT BOX range. These storage ...

BD_77 Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 6109

Price from 2.52€
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The square or rectangular plastic boxes UNIBOX are widely used in the industrial world. Their outstanding robustness ena...

BP_72 Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 885

Price from 0.22€
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Polypropylene plastic box
The polypropylene plastic boxes perfectly combine transparency, lightness, shock resistance and variations in temperatur...

BP_102 Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 4062

Price from 0.18€ 0.36€
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The plastic measuring cup is ideal for storing and transporting small quantities of solid or liquid products thanks to i...

GG_80 Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 584

Price from 0.08€
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Round box with hinged lid
Ideal for storing, protecting and tidying up small objects, round boxes with hinged lids are used for storing, wrapping ...

BR_169 Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 1584

Price from 0.25€ 0.51€
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Storage boxes with modular divider
Storage boxes with modular divider Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty Material Thick Polyp...

CRSMP Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 1076

Price from 18.77€ 37.53€
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Multiroir offers a series of 30ml graduated cups available in a choice of 5 colors.30ml capacity with graduation he...

GobeletsG41 Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 643

Price from 0.10€
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Food qualitySoft and flexible lids9 sizes (5 round and 4 square)Non-slip surface suitable for freezer and refrigeratorMa...

BPUB Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 518

Price from 1.23€
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The CONSUMER BOX series of polypropylene boxes are suitable for the organisation, storage, presentation, and transportat...

BP_168 Polypropylene plastic box 08/08/2022 812

Price from 0.25€
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