Polypropylene plastic box

Polypropylene plastic box

Graduated plastic cups

The plastic measuring cup is ideal for storing and transporting small quantities of solid or liquid

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Hinged Plastic Box - UNIBOX

The square or rectangular plastic boxes UNIBOX are widely used in the industrial world. Their outsta

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Plastic box - UTILITY BOX

Plastic box - UTILITY BOXFood qualitySoft and flexible lids9 sizes (5 round and 4 square)Non-slip su

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Plastic container - MULTIBOX

MULTIBOX are strong, transparent plastic containers that can be used to package, store and transport

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Plastic cups 30ml G41

Multiroir offers a series of 30ml graduated cups available in a choice of 5 colors.30ml capacity wit

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Plastic Jars (With Secure Screw)

Plastic Jars (With Secure Screw) Suitable for "food contact" Waterproof Stackable

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Plastic Storage Box - LIGHT BOX

Multiroir invites you to discover its range of plastic polypropylene storage boxes: the LIGHT BOX ra

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Plastic storage boxes

Plastic storage boxes Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty Material Thic

Price from 22.66€
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Polypropylene Consumer Box

The CONSUMER BOX series of polypropylene boxes are suitable for the organisation, storage, presentat

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Polypropylene plastic box

The polypropylene plastic boxes perfectly combine transparency, lightness, shock resistance and vari

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PROBOX storage box

PROBOX storage box

PROBOX storage boxTemperature resistant Stackable and nestable Insensitive to shocks 

Price from 5.26€
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Round box with hinged lid

Ideal for storing, protecting and tidying up small objects, round boxes with hinged lids are used fo

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Storage boxes with modular divider

Storage boxes with modular divider Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty

Price from 28.68€
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Trays and Boxes PURE BOX

The PURE BOX trays and boxes are manufactured in polypropylene, a material which makes them highly r

Price from 1.28€
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