Folding Plastic Boxes

Our Folding Plastic Boxes offer a quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. They are compatible with a range of logistics systems offer huge volume reduction when collapsed.
Multiroir’s new plastic foldable crate with active lock system for fast, easy and safe operation.  This plast...

BPVAS_01 Folding Plastic Boxes 08/08/2022 174

Price from 14.64€
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Stackable folding semi open fronted plastic storage box Polypropylene material Excellent resistance to chemical age...

BABPG Folding Plastic Boxes 08/08/2022 175

Price from 4.52€
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Folding Semi Open Fronted Plastic Storage boxes The folding semi open fronted plastic storage boxes combine high rigidi...

BA_124 Folding Plastic Boxes 08/08/2022 226

Price from 1.05€
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Collapsible and stackable to optimize space during transport and storage Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable ...

BPEB Folding Plastic Boxes 08/08/2022 306

Price from 13.24€
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