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If you're looking for quality equipment to make storing products or materials easier, choose from the plastic folding crates we offer. Available in several ranges, they come in various models, and the one that suits your needs is undoubtedly here.

Euro Standard Folding Crate

When you purchase your folding crate on our website, you can be sure of getting an item that complies with European standards. Many advantages are associated with using items that meet these requirements. Indeed, the application of these directives governs the dimensions of the crates. This means that the containers are manufactured with measurements that match the spaces intended for them in transport vehicles. Whether you're transporting products in a folding euro standard crate by truck or train, you can be certain that the folding crate won't get stuck. This ensures that you can safely store your products without the risk of damage.

Euro Standard Folding Crate and Folding Crate with Lid

Folding crates with lids are used in various industries. They will be useful for protecting all kinds of items due to their sturdy lid. When handling your goods, you can have peace of mind knowing your products will remain intact. The lid adheres securely to the crate, protecting your goods from dust and the seasonal weather. With its folding mechanism, you'll make efficient use of the available space. This allows you to store or transport many items. You won't need to exert much effort to use a folding crate because the handles on each side provide easy handling. Furthermore, its lightweight design allows for easier manipulation. You also have the option of choosing a folding euro standard crate. By doing so, you'll enjoy all the benefits of storage equipment and have the freedom to use it with any vehicle. This is the main benefit of European directives regarding the manufacture of folding crates.

On each product page, you'll find crate specifications such as dimensions, load capacity, and liter capacity to help you choose the right model for your handling tasks.

Available in different sizes (height, width, length) and various types, the plastic folding crates we offer are suitable for transporting food products and storing spare parts.

If you need additional information, reviews, or a quote, our advisors are available to assist and guide you in choosing the right crate based on your project.

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