Specific plastic cases

For professionals, having a case is good, but having a case perfectly suited for professional use is even better! If you're in search of a case for specific applications, discover your options at Multiroir. Here, we offer a variety of cases designed for specific applications.

Our selection of cases for specific applications includes:

  • Waterproof Plastic Cases: Constructed from polypropylene, these cases are known for their high resistance and waterproof qualities. Equipped with precut foam, they provide perfect support and optimal protection for all items. Therefore, they are recommended for transporting delicate equipment such as computer, electronic, or electrical products. You can choose between a model without wheels or a trolley version (with wheels and a telescopic handle).
  • PRO Series Plastic Cases: With a high load capacity, these cases are ideal for transporting bulky equipment and presenting products. Crafted entirely from thick polypropylene, they are very durable. Additionally, with their four support feet, they ensure excellent stability.
  • "Excellent" Series Plastic Cases: These cases are both strong and elegant, intended for the transportation and presentation of heavy products. They combine robustness and style.

Quality at an Affordable Price

At Multiroir, quality is our guiding principle. Regardless of your choice, you can rest assured of a top-quality case with impeccable finishing. We offer competitive prices that won't break the bank, making it easy for you to acquire the case you need.

It's worth noting that upon your request, we can customize the interior and exterior of your chosen cases.

Plastic Cases - PRO SeriesMultiroir introduces the PRO series plastic case: a series of 12 professional plastic cases wi...

VP_166 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 1945

Price from 20.82€
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Made of polypropylene, these waterproof plastic cases are shockproof, resistant and waterproof up to 5 meters. Ideal for...

MP_126 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 2845

Price from 115.35€
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IP67 certifiedDust and waterproofResistant to shocks and atmospheric agentsIntegrated automatic air pressure balancing v...

VEMG-IP67 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 1442

Price from 12.72€
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Automatic air balancing valve Durable and ergonomic handle IP67 certified Customization on request...

VEMAX-IP67 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 1811

Price from 43.54€
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The new "Excellent" series of plastic cases exudes strength and solidity. Specially designed for the transport and prese...

MP_167 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 1263

Price from 73.42€
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