Specific plastic cases

Specific plastic cases
Plastic Cases - PRO Series
Plastic Cases - PRO SeriesMultiroir introduces the PRO series plastic case: a series of 12 professional plastic cases wi...

VP_166 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 557

Price from 11.22€ 22.45€
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Made of polypropylene, these waterproof plastic cases are shockproof, resistant and waterproof up to 5 meters. Ideal for...

MP_126 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 629

Price from 47.99€
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IP67 certifiedDust and waterproofResistant to shocks and atmospheric agentsIntegrated automatic air pressure balancing v...

VEMG-IP67 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 434

Price from 12.35€
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Automatic air balancing valve Durable and ergonomic handle IP67 certified Customization on request...

VEMAX-IP67 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 532

Price from 42.27€
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The new "Excellent" series of plastic cases exudes strength and solidity. Specially designed for the transport and prese...

MP_167 Specific plastic cases 08/08/2022 350

Price from 71.28€
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