Specific plastic boxes

Specific plastic boxes that perfectly adapt to your needs

Because every customer can have different needs, Multiroir offers a wide range of specific boxes. Find the specific plastic box you need on our website.

Specific plastic boxes for electronic components and delicate items

For the transportation, storage, and shipment of electronic components, we offer antistatic or conductive boxes. Designed with conductive PS, these boxes ensure optimal protection for your electronic components. Upon your request, your box can be equipped with foam padding. Made from shock-resistant PS material and equipped with a lid, hinged lid boxes also provide effective protection against shocks.

For the storage and transportation of delicate, sharp, and various-sized items, opt for boxes with elastic membranes. These boxes are specially designed to offer you maximum security.

Our plastic blisters:

The Ideal Solution for Packaging, Protection, and Transportation of Your Products

For the packaging, protection, and transportation of your products, we offer Styl'box plastic blisters. Made of APET, these plastic boxes are highly durable. Since they are transparent, they allow you to showcase your products once displayed.

Regardless of your industry, whether it's DIY, telecommunications, accessories, etc., we are able to meet your needs with a wide range of models. For example, you can choose plastic blisters for placement or hanging. If you wish, we can customize your plastic blisters with advertising markings.

Elevate your events with our shaped boxes!

During your festive events, do you want to add a decorative and colorful touch? In that case, our SHAPED BOXES are what you need! Made of crystal polystyrene, these decorative boxes are highly transparent. With two distinct parts, they can be filled with objects and food. Heart, leaf, briefcase, violin, ball, seashell, Christmas tree, bell, and many others, various shapes are at your disposal.

The antistatic or conductive boxes are intended for the storage, the conditioning or the transport of electronic compone...

BA_93 Specific plastic boxes 08/08/2022 5168

Price from 0.98€
See the 23 models
Suitable for "food contact" Waterproof Stackable...

PPCVS Specific plastic boxes 08/08/2022 2391

Price from 4.87€
See the 8 models
Ideal for low-cost packaging, the 50 micron zip-lock plastic bag is widely used in many fields: automotive, banking, har...

SZP Specific plastic boxes 06/07/2023 3127

Price from 15.39€
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The membrane boxes are the result of a patented invention. Each box is equipped with a very thin polyurethane membrane. ...

BA_73 Specific plastic boxes 08/08/2022 7941

Price from 3.68€
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Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty Material Thick Polypropylene Recycled and recyclable mate...

CRP Specific plastic boxes 08/08/2022 8724

Price from 25.04€
See the 6 models
Modular Snap Boxes - SMD component storage
The clamshell boxes offer maximum security for the storage of small parts, especially electronic components.The 5 sizes ...

BA_99 Specific plastic boxes 08/08/2022 5332

Price from 0.78€ 1.75€
See the 25 models
Plastic blisters to be placedStyl'box is a range of blisters for the packaging, protection, security and transport of yo...

BE_70 Specific plastic boxes 08/08/2022 2123

Price from 0.44€
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Storage boxes with modular divider
Storage boxes with modular divider Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty Material Thick Polyp...

CRSMP Specific plastic boxes 08/08/2022 4298

Price from 18.77€ 38.66€
See the 4 models
Multiroir presents the Styl' box, innovative blisters for the packaging, protection and transport of your products. A wi...

BS_69 Specific plastic boxes 08/08/2022 6689

Price from 0.15€
See the 31 models
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