Market gardeners

If you're a market gardener, you need to be able to make a lot of the right decisions when it comes to managing your teams and your day-to-day production tasks. So, to help you achieve your goals, take a look at the different categories of quality products available from Multiroir.

If you need a set of durable, hard-wearing accessories for storing and transporting foodstuffs, opt for products from the range marketed by Multiroir.

Multiroir offers a wide range of food products to guarantee the durability of bins made from high-density polypropylene. They're easy to clean when you use them.

If you want to buy a functional work tool for storing and distributing all kinds of foodstuffs, take a look at the plastic crate for market gardeners.

Are you a farmer? If so, choose the market garden crate, which will be very useful for its high resistance to moisture and mould.

There's also the plastic vegetable crate, available in 135 references. They are ideal for storing and distributing your food products.

Are you looking for a sturdy product that's easy to move and lift? If so, opt for the plastic picking crate made from polypropylene.

And finally, in the range of quality products offered by Multiroir, you'll find a Euro-standard bin with perforated sides that can be adapted to fit all containers in Euro-standard format.

With Multiroir, you'll be able to choose from a range of very robust quality products, from market garden harvest crates to storage crates for market gardeners, not forgetting market garden harvest crates. Make your choice and benefit from the advantages of this product.

Wooden storage box2 open handlesStackableMulti-purpose woodPerfect stability, rounded corners and edgesPEFC certified so...

CRB Market gardeners 08/08/2022 7923

Price from 5.54€
See the 7 models
Made of thick polypropylene and therefore dimensionally stable and very robustHigh stability due to reinforced frameTemp...

BEPPEL Market gardeners 08/08/2022 19002

Price from 0.51€
See the 41 models
The European perforated wall planter differs from other European planter models in that its permeable design facilitates...

BEPAEL Market gardeners 08/08/2022 6956

Price from 0.51€
See the 24 models
Pallet Box (HDPE)
Pallet Box (HDPE) 2 models available Excellent resistance to chemicals, shocks and temperature variations Ideal for...

CP-PEHD Market gardeners 08/08/2022 29070

Price from 136.76€ 140.99€
See the 3 models
This large bin is available with 4 legs for more efficient production logistics. The shape of the bin allows it to be tr...

GB4P Market gardeners 08/08/2022 2005

Price from 21.06€
See the 5 models
These large bins are available with 4 multidirectional wheels for more efficient production logistics. The shape of the ...

GBRM Market gardeners 08/08/2022 2238

Price from 21.06€
See the 5 models
Our solid plastic pallet container is made from high density polyethylene, a very resistant robust material. The smoothn...

CP_174 Market gardeners 08/08/2022 4391

Price from 207.47€
See the 11 models
Manufactured in high density polyethylene, our ventilated pallet container features a robust structure ensuring a strong...

CP_177 Market gardeners 08/08/2022 3044

Price from 219.41€
See the 6 models
This large bin is available with 2 base plates for more efficient production logistics. The shape of the bin allows it t...

GB2S Market gardeners 08/08/2022 1622

Price from 21.06€
See the 5 models
The folding ventilated pallet container, also known as the « Folding Big-Box » or the « ...

CP_178 Market gardeners 08/08/2022 2713

Price from 257.25€
See the 9 models
Solid pine slatted storage box PEFC certified solid pine Stackable crate Crate ready for painting or varnishing De...

CRLPM Market gardeners 08/08/2022 8708

Price from 12.74€
See the 3 models
Foldable pallet boxes with access flap provide you with a perfect visibility of your products as well as an optimal grip...

CP_205 Market gardeners 08/08/2022 2840

Price from 193.88€
See the 7 models
Plastic collapsible crate with wood effect
Collapsible and stackable to optimize space during transport and storage Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable ...

BPEB Market gardeners 08/08/2022 6861

Price from 13.79€ 17.76€
See the 5 models
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