Storage & Transport Bins

Storage and transport bins with Multiroir: find all our euronorm standardized bins for space-efficient storage...
Hermetic plastic containersPolypropylene constructionReinforced lidStackable and very stable when stackedLightweight and...

BH_01 Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 1248

Price from 17.49€
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MULTIBOX are strong, transparent plastic containers that can be used to package, store and transport a wide variety of p...

BPM Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 1952

Price from 1.63€
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Economical: the best quality/price ratio on the marketEnvironmentally friendly: saves space when emptyEnvironmentally fr...

BTE_01 Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 1574

Price from 10.66€
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The Multiroir attached lid containers offer optimal protection for goods and an excellent quality/price ratio Contain...

BD_14 Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 1038

Price from 13.37€
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Multiroir’s new plastic foldable crate with active lock system for fast, easy and safe operation.  This plast...

BPVAS_01 Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 604

Price from 16.43€
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Empty volume reduction of up to 84Reinforced bottom and corners to withstand heavy loadsSmooth wallsEasy to clean and dr...

BPENPF Storage & Transport Bins 05/12/2022 368

Price from 9.87€
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Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty Material Thick Polypropylene Recycled and recyclable mate...

CRP Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 1111

Price from 24.32€
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PROBOX storage boxTemperature resistant Stackable and nestable Insensitive to shocks Ergonomic handles fo...

B_PROBOX Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 1243

Price from 5.51€
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Attached crocodile lid container Crocodile lid Lid made of impact-resistant plastic Can be stacked inside and on to...

BTC_2 Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 2746

Price from 12.32€
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Flat rectangular polypropylene binMade of High Density PolyethyleneStackable, nestable when emptyAvailable in whiteDimen...

BP Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 2662

Price from 2.15€
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Storage boxes with modular divider
Storage boxes with modular divider Made in France Stackable with lids and stackable when empty Material Thick Polyp...

CRSMP Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 561

Price from 18.77€ 37.53€
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The front opening Multiroir tilt bin allows easy and rapid handling of the goods stored in them.  A tilt bin unit ...

BBASC_17 Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 1170

Price from 14.42€
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Stackable/nestable transport boxes Optimal protection from dirt Secure handling Sealing on option 75% space saving w...

BRC_00 Storage & Transport Bins 08/08/2022 520

Price from 9.17€
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