Big boxes with ventilation slits

The big boxes with ventilation slits are crafted with high-quality plastic to ensure exceptional durability. Designed to withstand the challenges of the industrial environment, from extreme temperatures to corrosive chemicals.

The ventilation slits allow optimal air circulation, crucial for certain goods, while providing visibility into the contents. This enables easy organization and monitoring of your products.

Lightweight and sturdy, the  big boxes with ventilation slits are easily movable and cleanable. They are compatible with most automated handling systems and forklifts. Stackable to save space, simplifying warehouse management. The various perforations facilitate air circulation and liquid drainage, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

HDPE pallet box - grey 1200x100xH750 - open sides
Perforated wall version with 3 footingsDynamic load capacity: 1500kgStatic load capacity: 4500 kgMade of food-safe virgi...

PA10212 Big boxes with ventilation slits 08/08/2022 2634

136.76€ 140.99€
Manufactured in high density polyethylene, our ventilated pallet container features a robust structure ensuring a strong...

CP_177 Big boxes with ventilation slits 08/08/2022 3045

Price from 219.41€
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