Storage Drawer Carts

Storage Drawer Carts
The POLYBOX storage drawer carts are made entirely in polypropylene and consequently offer a high resistance to shocks.A...

RT_6 Storage Drawer Carts 08/08/2022 2273

Price from 37.42€
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Storage drawer unit STORE AGE
The portable STORE AGE storage units are the perfect tool for professional storage, organisation and transportation. All...

CT_12 Storage Drawer Carts 08/08/2022 1999

Price from 21.00€ 42.00€
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Storage Drawer cart structures W/O Drawers
The Storage drawer cart structures, sold without drawers, are designed for the PM-A4, GM or XM units. Version 1 is comp...

DP_13 Storage Drawer Carts 08/08/2022 4030

Price from 135.98€ 271.96€
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