Storage Drawer Carts

Drawer Carts: For Better Professional Storage and Organization

Essential for organization, as well as for the storage and transportation of documents and other items, Drawer Carts easily find their place in professional environments. Do you want to equip your office with a Drawer Cart? You're in the right place on Multiroir!

A Storage Solution for Everyone!

To meet all your storage needs, at Multiroir, we offer various Drawer Carts:

  • ISIBOX storage carts: with Crystal Polystyrene Shock drawers, they provide great transparency and excellent rigidity. In addition to that, they are highly shock-resistant due to the polypropylene structure.
  • POLYBOX carts: Completely made of polypropylene, they are appreciated for their shock resistance. Ideal for organizing your A4-sized documents, they can also accommodate larger volumes.
  • Naked carts for tray-drawers: with aluminum structures, these carts are designed for PM-A4, GM, XM, or mixed blocks. They are available in 3 versions: with 2 blocks, 4 blocks, or 6 blocks. Regardless of your choice, you can always compartmentalize the drawers.
  • In our ECO STORAGE CART range, discover transparent carts made of polypropylene. With 4 swivel casters and drawers that can be extracted from both sides, these carts have everything to entice you.
  • Transportable STORE AGE storage bins: providing easy storage, organization, and transportation, these bins would be of great help in the professional environment. They are distinguished by their foldable transport handle.

Yes, you've understood it correctly, on our website, you will definitely find the storage cart you need! Carts with 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 drawers, you just need to place your order.

The POLYBOX storage drawer carts are made entirely in polypropylene and consequently offer a high resistance to shocks.A...

RT_6 Storage Drawer Carts 08/08/2022 10319

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The portable STORE AGE storage units are the perfect tool for professional storage, organisation and transportation. All...

CT_12 Storage Drawer Carts 08/08/2022 8376

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Storage Drawer cart structures W/O Drawers
The tray-drawer bare trolleys are designed for PM-A4, GM, or XM blocks. The single-column version consists of 2 PM-A4, G...

DP_13 Storage Drawer Carts 08/08/2022 10166

Price from 135.98€ 280.12€
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