Standard plastic case - K

Standard plastic case series K

For storage, transport, or product presentation, Multiroir introduces its range of standard plastic cases, Series K. Crafted from high-density polypropylene, our cases offer exceptional durability. Moreover, the standard plastic cases Series K are customizable, allowing you to incorporate additional accessories as needed.

The Multiroir series K standard plastic case range

In our selection of Series K standard plastic cases, you have a choice of 14 high-quality cases:

  • K2012 Series – 120 x 80 x H24 mm: Ideal for product storage and transport, this ergonomic case comes in four different colors.
  • K2009 Plastic Suitcases – 153 x 107 x H30 mm: Designed for product transport, these colorful plastic suitcases offer multiple customization options.
  • K2005 Plastic Suitcase – 170 x 130 x H37 mm: Exceptionally robust, this case is perfect for product storage, transport, and presentation. It comes in various colors and is customizable.
  • K2001 Storage Case – 240 x 170 x H42 mm: Available in multiple colors, this case can be customized to enhance your product presentation.
  • K2004 Plastic Storage Case – 270 x 185 x H76 mm: Ideal for product transport and storage, this case offers various colors and customization options.
  • K2002 Plastic Transport Case – 270 x 185 x H93 mm: Perfect for transporting and storing equipment, this design adapts well to product presentation.
  • K2006 Transport Cases – 335 x 240 x H71 mm: These very resilient cases offer different customization solutions.
  • K2000 Storage Suitcases – 340 x 250 x H53 mm: This model is available in five color options. It is multifunctional and customizable.
  • K2007 Storage Cases – 365 x 245 x H105 mm: Available in five different colors, these cases can be configured to suit your needs.
  • K2011 Plastic Cases – 375 x 265 x H80 mm: Exceptionally robust, these cases offer a variety of colors and remarkable design.
  • K2003 Transport and Storage Suitcases – 410 x 272 x H113 mm: These cases facilitate the transport and storage of products. They offer multiple color options and are also ideal for product presentation.
  • K2010 Presentation Case – 440 x 310 x H130 mm: Fully customizable, it provides a wide range of color choices.
  • K2008 Presentation Cases – 445 x 328 x H144 mm: These customizable cases come in three colors: gray, blue, and black.
  • K2000 Mini Plastic Case – 90 x 65 x H21 mm: Very sturdy, this case also features an exceptional design. It comes in various colors and offers compartmentalized trays and foam inserts.
Plastic storage cases from the K2000 range:Made of polypropyleneFive colorsMultifunctional cases Please contact us ...

K2000 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1358

Price from 15.43€
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K2001 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1352

Price from 9.87€
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The K2002 series plastic carrying case is used to store and transport equipmentPolypropylene: material of manufactureVar...

K2002 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1321

Price from 12.60€
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Storage and arrying cases K2003 - 410x272xH113 mm
K2003 range of transport and storage cases: cases made to protect and take your products wherever you want.Features:Poly...

K2003 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1027

Price from 10.10€ 20.81€
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Plastic storage case K2004 series to transport and storePolypropyleneVarious colorsDimensions: 270x185xH76 mmDo not hesi...

K2004 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1081

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Plastic suitcase K2005 series: a resistant suitcase designed in polypropylene to secure your travels. Polypropylene...

K2005 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 949

Price from 7.92€
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Transport cases of the K2006 series:Special Features:DurableMaterial: PolypropylenePossibility to customize the cases...

K2006 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1050

Price from 14.89€
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The K2007 storage cases are available in various colors.Durable cases: use of polypropyleneFive colors to choose fromCan...

K2007 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1067

Price from 20.08€
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Plastic presentation cases K2008 series:Made of polypropyleneGrey, blue or blackTo be customized on demand if you wish...

K2008 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 965

Price from 51.00€
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Plastic cases - K2009 - 153x107xH30 mm...

K2009 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1064

Price from 6.59€
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The K2010 series plastic presentation case is :Made of polypropyleneAvailable in a wide range of colorsCustomizable...

K2010 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1047

Price from 38.59€
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The plastic cases of the K2011 range are very resistant, they are perfectly suitable for the storage and transport of yo...

K2011 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 955

Price from 20.89€
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The K2012 series of cases is perfect for transporting products.Material used: polypropyleneNumber of colors available: 4...

K2012 Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 930

Price from 6.32€
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Plastic cases - serie K2000 MINI
The mini plastic case of the K2000 series is the smallest of the K series of cases.Sturdy material: crystal polystyreneV...

K2000 mini Standard plastic case - K 08/08/2022 1242

Price from 0.86€ 1.77€
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