Plastic case for presentation

The Presentation Case: The Tool You Need to Make a Good Impression on Potential Clients

In any business activity, presenting products to potential clients must be done under the best conditions. As a professional, do you want to showcase your products in a compelling way? Are you looking for a high-quality presentation tool for your sales team? Consider the Presentation Case.

Product Presentation: Find the Case You Need on Multiroir!

At Multiroir, we offer two ranges of Presentation Cases:

  • The CLEAR plastic case: Available in 6 different sizes, this transparent case made of ABS provides exceptional durability. It also enhances the presentation of your products effectively.
  • The ELEGANT plastic case: Available in 10 different sizes, this range is made of polypropylene and comes in white. It stands out with its ergonomic design. Customized marking and foam inserts are available upon request.

No matter your specific requirements, personal preferences, or your industry, you can always find the right case on our website.

Quality: At the Heart of Our Concerns

At Multiroir, we understand that the better products are presented, the higher the chance of turning a prospect into a customer. That's why we pay great attention to the quality of all our cases.

Whichever model you choose, you can be assured of an elegant case with impeccable finishing. Since it also serves as a means of storing and transporting products, we guarantee durability, lightness, and practicality. With the aim of ensuring your satisfaction, we provide an excellent quality-to-price ratio and top-notch delivery service.

 Crystal cases featuring pure lines and a stylish design. 5 different models available Personalisation on reque...

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Multiroir presents the new series of high quality white "ELEGANT" cases made of polypropylene.These cases are ideal for ...

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