Multiroir, through its subsidiary Controlec, has acquired expertise in the field of electronics over more than 40 years. We offer a wide range of storage and transport products designed to protect components sensitive to electrostatic fields. Our expertise in ESD protection is reflected in our choice of materials and the quality of the products we offer.

You work in a sensitive sector, which requires equipment adapted to your storage, packaging, storage or transport constraints. We've been in the electronics business since the 1960s, and can offer you the best products and solutions for securing your small parts. Find the product that's right for you by consulting the wide range offered by Multiroir.

We manufacture and select a professional range of plastic boxes, trays and cases. All these products are available in antistatic or conductive versions to protect your sensitive components. These quality products have the ability to prevent electrostatic charging and divert existing charges to protect your items.

You can also choose between opaque or transparent products, depending on the material.

Whether you have very small components or larger devices, you'll find the right product for your needs in our wide range of references, including stackable bins, boxes with compartments, display cases and more. Most ranges are available in standard or antistatic versions to protect your items from static electricity.

What's more, nothing beats racks for protecting your electronic boards or circuits, whatever their size. There are also storage racks for SMD coils.

Do you produce products that are sensitive to static electricity?

Then opt for anti-static spout bins. And if you want to keep and store small parts, then take a look at the clamshell boxes.

The antistatic or conductive boxes are intended for the storage, the conditioning or the transport of electronic compone...

BA_93 Electronic 08/08/2022 5381

Price from 0.98€
See the 23 models
Conductive reel holders - CMS
Electrically conductive materialEasy loading and unloading2 models available: horizontal or vertical storage of coils...

PBCESD Electronic 08/08/2022 1784

Price from 18.74€ 38.59€
See the 4 models
Conductive SMD Reel Holders...

RP_90 Electronic 08/08/2022 3732

Price from 146.46€
See the 3 models
The XMK block is composed of 4 conductive drawer compartments. The drawers form stackable and self-locking trays. They ...

BLC-XM-K Electronic 08/08/2022 2077

Price from 14.87€
See the 5 models
The GM-K block consists of 6 conductive drawer units. The drawers form stackable and self-locking trays. They can be eq...

BLC-GMK Electronic 08/08/2022 2451

Price from 14.87€
See the 8 models
The PM-A4K block consists of 9 conductive drawer trays. The drawers form stackable and self-locking trays. They can be ...

BLC-PM-A4 K Electronic 08/08/2022 4785

Price from 14.87€
See the 7 models
ESD collapsible pallet container with opening flaps Electrically conductive plastics Stackable Optianal : label-hol...

CPPTAESD Electronic 08/08/2022 1583

Price from 633.78€
See the 6 models
Modular Snap Boxes - SMD component storage
The clamshell boxes offer maximum security for the storage of small parts, especially electronic components.The 5 sizes ...

BA_99 Electronic 08/08/2022 5592

Price from 0.78€ 1.75€
See the 25 models
Manufacturing material: conductive polypropylene4 standard sizes + separating grids.Available colors: black...

MC_56 Electronic 08/08/2022 1948

Price from 11.22€
See the 4 models
ESD trays are suitable for the safe transport and storage of sensitive electronic components. They prevent electrostatic...

BAB_ESD Electronic 08/08/2022 2066

Price from 6.44€
See the 9 models
Fixed workbenchesD x H overall: 665 x 810 mmH of work with tray : 850 mmDrawer W x D useful: 600 x 400 mmDoor box W x H ...

EF_01 Electronic 08/08/2022 3060

Price from 277.70€
See the 24 models
Structure in welded U-shaped metal profiles (500 x 420 x 370 mm) with height adjustment system. Load per element: 200 kg...

EM_01 Electronic 08/08/2022 1546

Price from 824.81€
See the 4 models
The V11-60 and V11-130 SMD boxes provide convenient storage of surface mounted components.The boxes are made of plastic ...

BP_89 Electronic 08/08/2022 2776

Price from 34.73€
See the 3 models
Made from electrically conductive plastic, our ESD Euro Container  is suitable for the safe storage and transp...

BP_121 Electronic 08/08/2022 7042

Price from 10.50€
See the 19 models
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