Are you an optician by profession and are you looking for storage or presentation solutions for your products? You have come to the right place, because Multiroir offers a wide range of products to help you store and display your glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, etc.

Thousands of opticians in France and abroad (Belgium, Switzerland, Tunisia, etc.) have already placed their trust in us and are satisfied with the quality of our products and the efficiency of our customer service.

In this perspective of quality and modernization, Multiroir is constantly seeking to innovate through the materials and products of the range to offer you reliable and up-to-date equipment.

In this section, exclusively dedicated to opticians' equipment, you will find :

  • A complete range of high quality display barges
  • Barge holders for display barges or workshop barges
  • A complete range of workshop barges available in 7 colours
  • Frame racks for the presentation of your frames
  • Drawer racks to store everything in your workshop

For any advice, precision or price request regarding these products for opticians, our sales representatives are at your disposal!

Quick definition of the optician's profession for the users of our site: 

An optician is a paramedical professional who makes, fits and sells glasses and contact lenses designed to correct defects or deficiencies in an individual's vision.

Multiroir is innovating with MULTICASE, its new range of boxes with compartments. These boxes offer a modern, practical ...

BCFA-MULTICASE Opticians 04/08/2023 5276

Price from 0.93€
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10 references2 different box heightsFrom 5 to 54 compartmentsRemovable gridTransparent lid with locking systemStackable ...

BCM Opticians 08/08/2022 3660

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SZP Opticians 06/07/2023 2892

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Presentation tray rackThe Multiroir rack is ideal for transporting, storing and moving your barges with ease.It facilita...

39902PONPENNO Opticians 08/08/2022 4119

Drawer cabinets PM - For atelier workshop...

BT_84 Opticians 08/08/2022 1489

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Multiroir presents its range of presentation trays.An innovative design, 6 modern translucent colours and a soft touch h...

PD_79 Opticians 08/08/2022 8671

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Storage box for Opticians...

BO_25 Opticians 08/08/2022 1320

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Translucent spout bins The transparent picking bins facilitate the storage and organisation of your products. Products ...

BA_01 Opticians 08/08/2022 4071

Price from 1.36€
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Protective screens for counters
Protective screens for countersIn response to the increased demand for protection of staff in contact with customers, we...

EDP Opticians 08/08/2022 1790

Price from 37.83€ 77.93€
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