Faced with new technological and cultural constraints, the equipment of museums is constantly evolving. Thus, the requirements in museology have given rise to new needs, particularly in the field of conservation and storage. To do this, the acquisition of quality storage and transport equipment is essential.

In order to satisfy all these needs, whatever the situation, Multiroir offers a wide range of products from conservation boxes for museums to excavation bins, not forgetting storage bins and storage boxes.

All you have to do is choose between the various quality products offered by Multiroir, which meet the requirements of your profession.

By opting for a storage product supplied by Multiroir, you will be able to optimise the management of your tasks. In the Multiroir catalogue, you will find LAB boxes made of crystal polystyrene. They are ideal for storage and presentation.

You will also find LIGHT BOXes made of polypropylene. Perfectly compatible with all sizes of your products, these storage boxes will be very useful. In addition, the transparency of the material makes it easy to see the contents.

If you need high quality transparent drawers, choose the crystal multidrawers, which can be combined and joined on all sides. You will save a lot of storage space.

For all your professional needs, Multiroir provides you with solid-sided European bins that are compatible with all containers that meet the Euro-standard format.

Multiroir products are reliable and durable over time. They are therefore part of a more environmentally friendly offer.

Multiroir is innovating with MULTICASE, its new range of boxes with compartments. These boxes offer a modern, practical ...

BCFA-MULTICASE Museums 04/08/2023 5351

Price from 0.93€
See the 12 models
10 references2 different box heightsFrom 5 to 54 compartmentsRemovable gridTransparent lid with locking systemStackable ...

BCM Museums 08/08/2022 3698

Price from 10.47€
See the 10 models
Multiroir cristal is a range of high quality transparent drawer-bins which can form high quality sets and save a lot of ...

multiroir cristal general Museums 08/08/2022 5678

Price from 14.62€
See the 5 models
LAB Box is a series of 6 professional quality plastic boxes.  Manufactured in crystal polystyrene, the LAB box is i...

BL_139 Museums 08/08/2022 10730

Price from 1.97€
See the 6 models
Ideal for low-cost packaging, the 50 micron zip-lock plastic bag is widely used in many fields: automotive, banking, har...

SZP Museums 06/07/2023 2923

Price from 15.39€
See the 35 models
 Crystal cases featuring pure lines and a stylish design. 5 different models available Personalisation on reque...

CC_01 Museums 08/08/2022 3177

Price from 10.12€
See the 5 models
Made of thick polypropylene and therefore dimensionally stable and very robustHigh stability due to reinforced frameTemp...

BEPPEL Museums 08/08/2022 18000

Price from 0.51€
See the 41 models
The Ecoline range comprises 4 storage bins made from 100% recycled polypropylene. These multi-purpose storage bins are e...

BDRECOLINE Museums 16/05/2023 2904

Price from 6.40€
See the 4 models
The European perforated wall planter differs from other European planter models in that its permeable design facilitates...

BEPAEL Museums 08/08/2022 6719

Price from 0.51€
See the 24 models
Pallet Box (HDPE)
Pallet Box (HDPE) 2 models available Excellent resistance to chemicals, shocks and temperature variations Ideal for...

CP-PEHD Museums 08/08/2022 28231

Price from 126.42€ 140.99€
See the 3 models
This large bin is available with 4 legs for more efficient production logistics. The shape of the bin allows it to be tr...

GB4P Museums 08/08/2022 1951

Price from 21.06€
See the 5 models
These large bins are available with 4 multidirectional wheels for more efficient production logistics. The shape of the ...

GBRM Museums 08/08/2022 2145

Price from 21.06€
See the 5 models
The Multiroir attached lid containers offer optimal protection for goods and an excellent quality/price ratio Contain...

BD_14 Museums 08/08/2022 4764

Price from 13.77€
See the 3 models
The membrane boxes are the result of a patented invention. Each box is equipped with a very thin polyurethane membrane. ...

BA_73 Museums 08/08/2022 7701

Price from 3.68€
See the 78 models
Temperature resistant Stackable and nestable Insensitive to shocks Ergonomic handles for easy transport&n...

B_PROBOX Museums 08/08/2022 4575

Price from 5.67€
See the 7 models
Multiroir invites you to discover its range of plastic polypropylene storage boxes: the LIGHT BOX range. These storage ...

BD_77 Museums 08/08/2022 14833

Price from 2.59€
See the 16 models
Attached crocodile lid container Crocodile lid Lid made of impact-resistant plastic Can be stacked inside and on to...

BTC_2 Museums 08/08/2022 12365

Price from 0.26€
See the 12 models
This large bin is available with 2 base plates for more efficient production logistics. The shape of the bin allows it t...

GB2S Museums 08/08/2022 1571

Price from 21.06€
See the 5 models
Translucent spout bins The transparent picking bins facilitate the storage and organisation of your products. Products ...

BA_01 Museums 08/08/2022 4108

Price from 1.36€
See the 5 models
Flat rectangular polypropylene binMade of High Density PolyethyleneStackable, nestable when emptyAvailable in whiteDimen...

BP Museums 08/08/2022 10008

Price from 2.21€
See the 5 models
Protective screens for counters
Protective screens for countersIn response to the increased demand for protection of staff in contact with customers, we...

EDP Museums 08/08/2022 1798

Price from 37.83€ 77.93€
See the 3 models
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