Stackable Bins

European standard stackable bins

When you buy a stackable bin from Multiroir, you can be sure of receiving a quality bin that meets the most stringent European requirements and standards. We offer a wide range of nestable stacking bins to meet every requirement.

European standard stacking bins for storage and transport in the food industry

For the storage, handling and transport of foodstuffs, discover our comprehensive range of plastic stacking bins:

  • Euro-standard stacking bins with perforated walls: they promote air circulation while preventing the accumulation of moisture, and have the advantage of being dimensionally stable.
  • Europe containers with solid sides: both hygienic and practical, these containers are extremely hard-wearing.
  • Meat containers: specially designed for transporting meat, these containers are perfectly resistant to temperature variations.
  • Plastic bins with integrated lids: combining robustness and shock resistance, these bins are ideal for both automated and non-automated handling.
  • Foldable euronorm containers: available in two versions (with or without lids), these polypropylene containers are strong and take up less space. They can be used in the food industry, but also in all other sectors.

Stackable bins for storing and transporting electronic components

For the storage and transportation of electronic components, we offer ESD conductive Euro bins. Made from highly conductive polypropylene, these bins prevent electrostatic charging and divert existing charges. Like all our other products, our stackable plastic bins meet the requirements of European standard containers.

And for picking?

Euro containers with a front opening are ideal for picking. They allow objects to be picked from the inside.

To optimise movement, you should also consider buying a trolley for nestable European standard stacking bins. You can be sure that when you buy from Multiroir, you'll always get excellent value for money.

To find out all the features of European standard bins, simply click on the product in question. You'll then have access to the dimensions (length, width, height), capacity (volume in litres), etc.

Multiroir products come in a range of sizes to suit every need. Add the products you need to your basket.

Made of thick polypropylene and therefore dimensionally stable and very robustHigh stability due to reinforced frameTemp...

BEPPEL Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 19003

Price from 0.51€
See the 41 models
The European perforated wall planter differs from other European planter models in that its permeable design facilitates...

BEPAEL Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 6956

Price from 0.51€
See the 24 models
The containers in the LIGHTLINE range are made entirely from recycled polypropylene and comply with the guidelines of th...

BPNEMR Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 13709

Price from 5.64€
See the 5 models
Foldable Crate with active lock system
Multiroir’s new plastic foldable crate with active lock system for fast, easy and safe operation.  This plast...

BPVAS_01 Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 3903

Price from 13.79€ 17.76€
See the 8 models
Coloured plastic Euro container - EUROBOX
Coloured plastic Euro container - EUROBOX Material : polypropylene Suited to the transport and the storage of foodst...

BEPPC Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 7124

Price from 1.59€ 3.97€
See the 18 models
Coloured perforated Euro plastic container - EUROBOX
Whether for industrial or food products, EURO-NORM containers with perforated walls facilitate air circulation and liqui...

BCPAE Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 10555

Price from 4.36€ 8.73€
See the 40 models
Grey euro-standard full bin - 800 x 600 x 340 mm - Open handles
Thanks to its smooth, easy-to-clean surface, and its compliance with European palletizing standards (800 x 600), the Eur...

SPK8633_grey Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 1119

15.42€ 31.75€
This large bin is available with 4 legs for more efficient production logistics. The shape of the bin allows it to be tr...

GB4P Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 2005

Price from 21.06€
See the 5 models
These large bins are available with 4 multidirectional wheels for more efficient production logistics. The shape of the ...

GBRM Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 2238

Price from 21.06€
See the 5 models
Polypropylene copolymer materialHigh stacking stabilityTemperature range: -20°C to +50°CResistant to acids and bases, co...

BETEL Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 3024

Price from 0.51€
See the 18 models
Robust and especially designed for manual and/or automated handling, learn more about the Euro container with integrated...

BN_164 Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 19511

Price from 13.46€
See the 10 models
The open fronted Euro container is ideal for picking. With this model, all products are within reach! These plastic cont...

BE_219 Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 3082

Price from 11.88€
See the 10 models
Empty volume reduction of up to 84Reinforced bottom and corners to withstand heavy loadsSmooth wallsEasy to clean and dr...

BPENPF Stackable Bins 05/12/2022 3022

Price from 10.08€
See the 5 models

ABEEL Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 1673

Price from 0.51€
See the 23 models
This large bin is available with 2 base plates for more efficient production logistics. The shape of the bin allows it t...

GB2S Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 1622

Price from 21.06€
See the 5 models
Stack and nest container ECO series Material Recyclable thick polypropylene Dimensions 600x400, European standard R...

BGE-ECO Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 2591

Price from 10.73€
See the 10 models
Accessories for European standard storage containers Multiroir offers a wide range of accessories compatible with the E...

accessoires bacs euro Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 3467

Price from 0.51€
See the 17 models
Made from electrically conductive plastic, our ESD Euro Container  is suitable for the safe storage and transp...

BP_121 Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 6753

Price from 10.50€
See the 19 models
Metal shelving for Euronorm containers Industrial shelving for storage of Euronorm containers 600x400 and 400x300 Me...

RMPBP Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 11938

Price from 33.39€
See the 4 models
Plastic collapsible crate with wood effect
Collapsible and stackable to optimize space during transport and storage Environmentally friendly and fully recyclable ...

BPEB Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 6861

Price from 13.79€ 17.76€
See the 5 models
Multiroir kit consisting of a self-assembly galvanised steel shelf that can be combined with solid, grey perforated or t...

KRBE_01 Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 3075

Price from 190.53€
See the 3 models
Stack and nest container
Stack and nest container Material Recyclable thick polypropylene Dimensions 600x400, European standard Brick versio...

BGE_02 Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 6241

Price from 8.96€ 18.45€
See the 4 models
Manufactured in polypropylene, high shock resistance Available in blue, white and grey, other colours on request Smoot...

BGE_01 Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 2964

Price from 6.62€
See the 19 models
Polypropylene material Straight, smooth sides Resistant to temperature variations between –30 ºC and  +60 ºC Red...

AE2 Stackable Bins 08/08/2022 2942

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