Food box

Food Plastic Boxes

Handling, transporting, and preserving your food items require the use of high-quality equipment.

Practical, durable, and ideal for food storage, Multiroir's food plastic boxes are perfectly suited for storing and transporting food items.

As the needs for food transport and preservation vary among professionals in the food industry, we have developed and made available to you a wide selection of food plastic boxes. Each model is differentiated by its size, shape, manufacturing material, and other characteristics that enable it to meet your specific requirements.

Under the "Food Plastic Box" section, you have the option to choose from different categories of food boxes, such as:

Plastic food containers

  • The hermetic food box is 100% waterproof. Made of polypropylene, this box is highly resistant to temperature variations, making it safe for use in the freezer and dishwasher. Furthermore, the lid comes with a sealing gasket, ensuring a perfectly airtight seal. It is the ideal food box for preserving and transporting dishes.
  • The food box "food box" is ideal for preserving agri-food products. Made of polypropylene, this box offers a transparent color and withstands impacts very well. It also has a watertight and tamper-evident lid, perfect for transporting liquid products. The food box is available in square or rectangular models.
  • The plastic TP pot is particularly designed for the presentation and protection of both liquid and solid products. This piece features a hermetic and tamper-evident lid. Additionally, thanks to its polypropylene material, it resists impacts well, making it an excellent tool in the agri-food sector.
  • TP food boxes and pots with lids offer excellent conditions for storing, transporting, and reheating your food products. Made from translucent polypropylene, these items provide remarkable design and exceptional resistance. With a secure closure, these TP boxes and pots are also liquid-tight.
  • Hermetic food boxes are ideal for storing and preserving your food items. Designed in Gastronorm format, these boxes are suitable for both liquid and solid shapes. They are highly recommended because they are made of translucent polypropylene and withstand various shocks as well as temperature variations.

The Insulated Boxes

  • The TOWER GN insulated box is perfect for caterers and restaurant professionals. It features a front opening and a hermetic sliding door, offering enhanced security in handling and transporting food products during the cold chain. This box comes in 2 heights with 4 or 8 levels and is available in 10 standard colors of your choice.
  • The TOWER 60x40 insulated box is particularly intended for caterers. With its front opening and sliding door, it is easy to handle and provides improved food transport safety. Resistant to temperature variations and equipped with a hermetic closure, this box is perfect for preserving the cold chain.
  • 60x40 insulated box: This product is designed for storing and transporting food products for professionals. Made of expanded polypropylene, it is highly resistant, lightweight, and easy to transport due to its ergonomic handles. This hygienic insulated box also offers enhanced product safety and perfect resistance to thermal variations. You can choose from among the 10 available colors according to your preferences.
  • The GN insulated box has been specially designed for professionals. It complies with all the requirements of restaurant standards and HACCP regulations. This box comes in 8 models and offers a choice of 2 colors.
  • The professional Kangabox insulated box is an exclusive model. It is perfectly airtight and features a smooth interior surface and lid closure, ensuring excellent odor, vapor, and liquid sealing.
  • The insulated box is perfect for transporting all your food items. Lightweight and very sturdy, it allows you to transport your products with confidence.

Shaped Boxes

  • Made of crystal polystyrene, these boxes are both durable and transparent. They consist of two separate parts and can therefore accommodate various objects or food items. As the name suggests, these boxes come in various shapes and sizes and are perfect for various festive events.

With Multiroir, shop with confidence, just as you would in a physical store.

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