Crystal plastic box

Crystal plastic box

Minimax box series 500 - 122x82 mm

Polystyrene box with lid and dividers. The 4 models of the 500 series are delivered with 2 cross div

Price from 2.10€
See the 4 models
LAB Boxes

LAB Boxes

LAB Box is a series of 6 professional quality plastic boxes.  Manufactured in crystal polystyre

Price from 1.88€
See the 6 models

Crystal Cases

 Crystal cases featuring pure lines and a stylish design. 5 different models available Pers

Price from 8.76€
See the 5 models

Plastic storage box - MINIMAX

Discover an exclusivity of Multiroir, the MINIMAX plastic boxes.All the models in this range are sta

Price from 0.67€
See the 17 models

Round Boxes V1 and V21

Multiroir offers a unique range of round plastic boxes of over 80 references. All these round boxes

Price from 0.17€
See the 74 models

Rectangular Boxes V3

Multiroir offers a unique choice of over 160 references of rectangular plastic boxes. These plastic

Price from 0.27€
See the 72 models

Rectangular boxes V20 AND V27

Multiroir presents a unique choice of more than 160 references of rectangular plastic boxes. These p

Price from 0.25€
See the 35 models

Plastic hinged Boxes V5

Hinged Boxes V5The hinged boxes of the V5 series are ideally suited to the presentation and valorisa

Price from 0.23€
See the 42 models

Plastic membrane boxes

The membrane boxes are the result of a patented invention. Each box is equipped with a very thin pol

Price from 3.18€
See the 75 models

Rectangular Box with Hinged Lid

A transparent box with a hinged lid manufactured in crystal polystyrene. Mainly used for presentatio

Price from 0.85€
See the 47 models

Rectangular Box V4

Rectangular Box V4 The V4 is a rectangular plastic box manufactured in crystal polystyrene which is

Price from 0.10€
See the 70 models

Presentation box with lid

The presentation box with bell lid is made of crystal polystyrene.It is the ideal box for the develo

Price from 0.37€
See the 11 models

Hinged Plastic Box - V8

All models of the V8 series hinged plastic box are made of crystal polystyrene and are perfectly sui

Price from 1.53€
See the 16 models

Round plastic boxes V2

The V2 series is a full range of round boxes manufactured in crystal polystyrene. These round boxes

Price from 0.18€
See the 65 models
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