Crystal plastic box

What if you purchase your clear plastic boxes from Multiroir?

Multiroir? It's the largest online selection of clear plastic boxes. Here, there's something for everyone, and most importantly, for all purposes.

Clear plastic boxes designed specifically to showcase your products

In need of transparent and elegant boxes for presenting and packaging your products? You've come to the right place on our website! In no time, explore a complete range of boxes made from crystal-clear Polystyrene, offering 100% transparency:

  • LAB Boxes
  • Presentation Boxes with Bell Lids
  • Rectangular Boxes
  • Rectangular Boxes with Hinged Lids
  • Hinged Plastic Boxes
  • Ball Hinge Boxes
  • Round Plastic Boxes

Each model is available in multiple versions. It's up to you to choose the ideal dimensions. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that you'll have a clear plastic box that combines durability and elegance while ensuring excellent visibility of the contents.

For packaging and transporting delicate items

Because your sensitive items require optimal protection, we also offer boxes specially designed for them. With plastic boxes with elastic membranes, all your delicate items will be securely held and suspended. Providing an effective barrier against shocks, these boxes are perfect for packaging and transporting fragile items.

Crystal clear plastic boxes for your festive events...

To add a decorative touch to your festive events, go for our shaped boxes. You have a wide range of shapes in various sizes to choose from: eggs, Easter bunnies, suitcases, leaves, violets, seashells, spheres, and more.

Because your satisfaction remains our top priority, we guarantee prompt delivery and very competitive prices.

LAB Box is a series of 6 professional quality plastic boxes.  Manufactured in crystal polystyrene, the LAB box is i...

BL_139 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 10665

Price from 1.97€
See the 6 models
Polystyrene crystal storage boxes
Multiroir offers a complete and varied range of crystal polystyrene dental boxes for the storage of dental burs.Made of ...

BD_172 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 3634

Price from 0.63€ 2.17€
See the 3 models
 Crystal cases featuring pure lines and a stylish design. 5 different models available Personalisation on reque...

CC_01 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 3144

Price from 10.12€
See the 5 models
Made of crystal polystyreneExcellent transparencyResistant to temperature variationsIdeal for presentation and storage o...

BPRPSC Crystal plastic box 26/10/2022 3682

Price from 0.27€
See the 28 models
The membrane boxes are the result of a patented invention. Each box is equipped with a very thin polyurethane membrane. ...

BA_73 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 7649

Price from 3.68€
See the 78 models
Plastic hinged Boxes V5
The hinged boxes of the V5 series are ideally suited to the presentation and valorisation of your products. Manufacture...

BA_71 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 5637

Price from 0.38€ 1.31€
See the 46 models
Multiroir offers a unique range of round plastic boxes of over 80 references. All these round boxes are manufactured in ...

BR_103 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 2980

Price from 0.20€
See the 52 models
Rectangular box PS crystal V4-30123 - SALE
Made of crystal polystyreneShock resistantIdeal for presentation...

43011V4.30123.D Crystal plastic box 23/03/2023 1453

0.19€ 0.39€
Shock resistantSuitable for storage, transport and packaging of productsAvailable colours: transparent...

43068V4.34138.D Crystal plastic box 23/03/2023 1371

Multiroir presents a unique choice of more than 160 references of rectangular plastic boxes. These plastic boxes have be...

V20-AND-V27 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 13233

Price from 0.27€
See the 33 models
Round box PS crystal V2-40184 - SALE
Round boxMade of crystal polystyreneSmooth walls and bottomPerfect transparency...

43165V2.40184.D Crystal plastic box 23/03/2023 969

0.27€ 0.56€
Discover an exclusivity of Multiroir, the MINIMAX plastic boxes.All the models in this range are stackable and separable...

BD_88 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 3749

Price from 0.78€
See the 17 models
Polystyrene box with lid and dividers. The 4 models of the 500 series are delivered with 2 cross dividers. External dime...

BMS500 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 1197

Price from 2.43€
See the 4 models
All models of the V8 series hinged plastic box are made of crystal polystyrene and are perfectly suited for storing or p...

BE_83 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 2541

Price from 1.65€
See the 14 models
Multiroir offers a unique choice of over 160 references of rectangular plastic boxes. These plastic boxes have been desi...

BP_100 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 5313

Price from 0.32€
See the 72 models
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