Crystal plastic box

Crystal plastic box
LAB Boxes
LAB Box is a series of 6 professional quality plastic boxes.  Manufactured in crystal polystyrene, the LAB box is i...

BL_139 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 2811

Price from 1.08€ 1.97€
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Crystal Cases
 Crystal cases featuring pure lines and a stylish design. 5 different models available Personalisation on reque...

CC_01 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 606

Price from 8.35€ 9.82€
See the 5 models
Made of crystal polystyreneExcellent transparencyResistant to temperature variationsIdeal for presentation and storage o...

BPRPSC Crystal plastic box 26/10/2022 273

Price from 0.26€
See the 26 models
The membrane boxes are the result of a patented invention. Each box is equipped with a very thin polyurethane membrane. ...

BA_73 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 1759

Price from 3.57€
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Plastic hinged Boxes V5
The hinged boxes of the V5 series are ideally suited to the presentation and valorisation of your products. Manufacture...

BA_71 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 836

Price from 0.27€ 0.54€
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Multiroir offers a unique range of round plastic boxes of over 80 references. All these round boxes are manufactured in ...

BR_103 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 670

Price from 0.19€
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Rectangular box PS crystal V4-30123 - SALE
Made of crystal polystyreneShock resistantIdeal for presentation...

43011V4.30123.D Crystal plastic box 23/03/2023 20

0.19€ 0.38€
Rectangular box PS crystal V4-34138 - SALE
Shock resistantSuitable for storage, transport and packaging of productsAvailable colours: transparent...

43068V4.34138.D Crystal plastic box 23/03/2023 27

0.75€ 1.50€
Multiroir presents a unique choice of more than 160 references of rectangular plastic boxes. These plastic boxes have be...

V20-AND-V27 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 2064

Price from 0.26€
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Round box PS crystal V2-40184 - SALE
Round boxMade of crystal polystyreneSmooth walls and bottomPerfect transparency...

43165V2.40184.D Crystal plastic box 23/03/2023 27

0.27€ 0.55€
Discover an exclusivity of Multiroir, the MINIMAX plastic boxes.All the models in this range are stackable and separable...

BD_88 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 871

Price from 0.76€
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Polystyrene box with lid and dividers. The 4 models of the 500 series are delivered with 2 cross dividers. External dime...

BMS500 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 221

Price from 2.36€
See the 4 models
All models of the V8 series hinged plastic box are made of crystal polystyrene and are perfectly suited for storing or p...

BE_83 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 593

Price from 1.60€
See the 14 models
Multiroir offers a unique choice of over 160 references of rectangular plastic boxes. These plastic boxes have been desi...

BP_100 Crystal plastic box 08/08/2022 1425

Price from 0.31€
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