Surgical mask with CE marking & French inscription

Surgical mask with CE marking & French inscription

Faced with the unprecedented crisis created by the coronavirus epidemic, Multiroir has decided to offer personal protection and disinfection devices that meet European standards.

You will find in the "Surgical mask" section a set of surgical masks that meet the latest European standard EN 14683: 2019.


The models that meet this standard are designed to prevent the droplets emitted by the wearer from being projected onto the surrounding area. It also protects the wearer from droplet projections emitted by a person opposite.

This standard distinguishes 3 types of models:

Type I: bacterial filtration efficiency > 95%.

Type II: bacterial filtration efficiency > 98%.

Type IIR: bacterial filtration efficiency > 98% and splash resistant.



 Steps to follow when putting the mask on the face

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, or a hydro-alcohol solution, before touching the surgical mask.

Apply the surgical mask using only the elastics.

Cover the nose and mouth. Then adjust the surgical mask by pulling on the top and bottom ends.

Check that it fits properly by blowing forcefully. If you do not get air in your eyes, it is correctly fitted.

Once the respirator is fitted, do not touch it again until it is removed. Contact with the filters may affect the seal of the mask and make it less effective.

If you do touch it, wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Steps for safe mask removal

When you wish to remove the surgical mask, follow these steps:

Remove it using only the elastic bands on the sides and put it directly in the waste bin.

Wash your hands immediately afterwards.

Box of 50 masks - Type IIR - Black

Box of 50 masks - Type IIR - Black Specifications: 17,5 x 9,5 cm, 3 folds, elastic earring Valid

3.07€ 4.73€

Box of 50 type IIR blue masks

Box of 50 masks (5 bags of 10 masks)Size L: 17,5 cm x 9,5 cm3 layer non-woven polypropyleneEar elast

1.37€ 2.10€

Box of 50 KARWAN IIR masks - black

Box of 50 KARWAN IIR masks - blackSpecifications: 17.5 x 9.5 cm, 3-ply, elastic ear loopMaintenance

1.40€ 2.80€
Box of 10 white FFP2 masks

Box of 10 white FFP2 masks

FFP2 filtering mask without valve, single useMaintenance free, single use device 8H of use.Storage o

2.99€ 4.60€

Box of 25 FFP2 masks

FFP2 single use mask without valve.Box of 25 masks in individual bagsColour: white.Maintenance-free,

7.15€ 11.00€
Box of 50 type IIR surgical masks - blue

Box of 50 type IIR surgical masks - blue

3 layer non-wovenSpandex ear elasticPolypropylene and steel wire nose bridgeLatex freeMaintenance fr

1.82€ 2.80€
Surgical Mask - TYPE II

Surgical Mask - TYPE II

Surgical Mask - TYPE II Three layers of polypropylene Fastening elastic: polyurethane, polyester

Price from 1.54€
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